$32,000 To Store Waikanae Books, But KCDC Has Free Space available!

The library action group ROBB says the KCDC is spending $32,100 a year storing 20,000 books from the Waikanae library, but could store the books for free on Council property.

Shelves in the ‘Democracy of Knowledge’

ROBB ( Restore Our Books Budget) has confirmed that the old swimming pool at Raumati, still owned by KCDC, has ample room to store 50,000 books, says ROBB Chair, Christopher Ruthe.

The whole pool is empty, he says.

The Lions Club has used the former Raumati Pool building for the past 3 years for storing over 100,000 books.

Books stored by Lions in the old Raumati Pool

Mr Ruthe says they have confirmed there is loads of space.

Councillor Buswell has advised the building has been fully repaired, so the space is fully suitable for storage. 

“Our councillors should ensure such waste of public money does not occur, ‘ he says.

‘$32,100 represents a total of rates paid by 12 households — down the gurgler.

‘Where is the accountability? ROBB is fighting this absurd waste.’

He adds: ‘It has already been suggested to council that the books be displayed in the existing libraries.

‘However, if staff are unwilling to do this then there is free council-owned storage space available, at the old pool.’

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