Damson Jam Recipe

Damson JamDamson Jam

From Helen Tristram

It’s Damson Time again — and here’s a simple recipe which will provide you with lovely really tart, jam.

Just the spread to go with toast, scones or pikelets.


1 Kilo of Damsons

1 Kilo of Sug\

 400ml of Water


Wash and remove any stalks from the damsons.

Add damsons and water to a pan on medium heat and simmer for about half an hour

Regularly remove stones from fruit as they heat.

Add sugar and stir continuously for about five minutes until the sugar is dissolved.

Turn the heat to high and boil for about five minutes. Test by putting some of the mixture on a cold saucer. If the mixture wrinkles it has reached setting point.

If not ready, boil for another two minutes.


Pot the jam into warm, sterilised jars. Seal with a cap and label.


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