Kapiti Mayoral Race

Guru opens proceedings with an appeal to the unconverted
Guru opens proceedings with an appeal to the unconverted

Mayoral Hopefuls Promise Change

Gavin Welsh tries to convert one and all
Gavin Welsh offers to convert everyone to his cause

By Ron Wilkinson

Changes and closer alignment with ratepayers were common themes from three Kapiti mayoral hopefuls speaking at the Paraparaumu Beach Market on

Saturday (8 June 2013).

The platform was provided by Kapiti Speakers’ Corner, which relocated to the market for the occasion.

Guru wants KCDC to heed community views

K Gurunathan (Guru) opened proceedings with a call for greater emphasis on transparency and taking notice of community views.   He cited a number of occasions in the current council term when he believed the council didn’t act in the best interests of the community.

He said the recent approval for a ramp for disabled people in the new Coastlands Aquatic Centre is an example of people power after a long period of resisting the disabled community’s wants.

He is concerned about the debt level and the decision for the council to vote its Electra Trust shares.   “People must be empowered,” he said.

Gavin wants to put a ‘smile lon your face’

Gavin Welsh said he wants “to put money in your pocket and a smile on your face.”

He said believed the council shows a disregard for the public.   He committed himself to rates not rising greater than the rate of inflation

and wants more emphasis on youth facilities and services.

Since moving to Kapiti, he said, his family have had an experience where the community wrapped themselves around them and he is committed to work tirelessly and with determination to repay that goodwill.

Gavin Welsh also said he offers fresh ideas, energy, passion and determination.

Jackie’s big decision followed Council meeting

As reported below, Jackie Elliott announced her intention to stand for the mayoralty — having made that decision after watching the current council deal with the voting of Electra Trust Shares and the potential amalgamation issue on Thursday (6 June 2013).

She says no one is happy with a council that wages war against its own ratepayers.

To promote change, she is already mentoring six people to stand in October’s elections.

“Things should not be happening behind closed doors,” she said.

Jackie Elliott has been lobbing local councils for much of her life and claims she is in a position to do more for the community.

Not all mayoral candidates were able to be present at last Saturday’s Paraparaumu Beach Market on Saturday.

As a result, this month’s duty guardian for Kapiti Speakers’ Corner, Alan Tristram, has announced that there’ll be another session for other candidates this coming Saturday at

the Paraparaumu Beach Market starting at 10am.