Marriage Bill Opposed

Local therapist tells MPs she’s worried about redefining marriage

— worries about even discussing homosexuality

 By Alan Tristram

Local activities organiser Deb Burton, who is a Christian, says she became worried about the Marriage Amendment Bill when she heard of people being taken to court overseas for not performing or hosting homosexual marriages – even though it was against their religious beliefs.

She adds: “I was also concerned because an English relative told me it was dangerous to speak against homosexuality on Facebook.

“We already have freedom of speech and religion in our law. It sounded as if this new law would contravene these laws. Thank goodness an amendment is now being proposed to cover some religious objection to performing these marriages.”

Mrs Burton has written a special article for the Kapiti Independent,outlining all her concerns. She says she’ll also send this to MP’s who are now giving the Bill a second reading.

She says: But if I have the philosophy that homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle – I could be charged for expressing this view after the law change.

There is already a cry that this is discrimination – as for instance the recent article in, where a promoter pulled a concert from a church venue because some of the people weren’t comfortable with the lifestyle of the performer.

I quote from the article:

Mr Hague, a veteran gay rights activist, said the church had arguably “created a situation where the promoter feels he has no choice but to shift the venue – it could be classified as constructive discrimination, which would be illegal”.

There was quite a ferocious attack on the church in general when Stuff reported on Facebook that the venue ‘had to be shifted. It could even be called psychological persecution of the church.

People think this bill will not affect anyone except homosexuals, who will feel happier, more accepted.

Actually anyone who now has a husband or wife or partner, nor bride and groom – they will no longer legally have one, they will have a  ‘party’ – in the proposed new marriage certificates, brides and bridegrooms will simply be referred to as ‘parties’…”

‘This doesn’t feel like marriage anymore’

Family First NZ says the Select Committee report on the same-sex marriage bill confirms that the terms 16 pieces of legislation as it seeks to redefines marriage. Somehow, Perhaps homosexuals will feel the same.
The report also confirms that the committee has ignored thousands of submitters including organisations who have requested to make oral submissions. There have been 21,533 submissions of which almost 3,000 are unique submissions, yet the committee has heard a little over 200 of them as they attempt to ram the bill through – equating to 1% of submissions.

A number of significant organisations have been excluded from the opportunity to make an oral submission.   Other Members bills are not being rammed through at such speed. Yet the same-sex marriage bill has had just six months to consider 21,500-plus submissions, hear oral submissions, and report back.

‘Looking at the facts’

Taking a look at some of the facts involved:

  •  The government is taking on itself to redefine the meaning of a major cultural practice.  (And what if it may be your precious practice next.)
  • There is talk of it being “modern” – when cities were practicing free homosexuality around 6,000 years ago [From Genesis 18-19]
  • Actually God hasn’t changed his stance – those cities were wiped out, and here it is in the New Testament “For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” [From Romans 1:26-27] So much for liberal Christians try to tell you God doesn’t mind it.

From Investigate Magazine Oct/Nov 2012:

–       There is talk of it being equal – to be quite straightforward, there is no equality in male homosexuality – and a large proportion have been seduced as young teens by older men.

–       There are very few faithful homosexual couples. The lifestyle is characterised by promiscuity, sensuality, over half taking drugs, higher rates of depression and suicide.

–       There is a higher percentage of child abuse against children in same sex families.

–       There is no homosexual gene, now days homosexuals like to think it is their choice.

–       Most homosexuals have relationships with the opposite sex, and many lesbians leave the lifestyle and get married.


Governments around the world have been doing all they can legally to lessen any discrimination against homosexuals. Will this to help to ease their consciences? – That depends if conscience is man-driven, or God-given. Perhaps this question should be asked from those nations where the law has been passed already? And will our children be punished for using “gay” as a derogatory word in the playgrounds? There may be more be put at risk, for this small percentage of the population to feel better about themselves.

Most of the “facts” are just plain wrong. Luckily parliament realised this too.

And this woman is defined in article as a therapist! How can she help people when she reveals such entrenched prejudices?