Rubbish Vandals At Work

Is Kāpiti becoming a dump?

Kāpiti Council’s Biodiversity Adviser, Rob Cross (left) , complains that many more people are dumping rubbish and greenwaste onto reserves, beaches and other public places around the district.

He says: “Greenwaste is proving particularly problematic, as weeds can keep growing from roots, stems or leaves that touch the ground. “Seeds and bulbs in the waste can also grow and start new colonies.

“Garden waste is actually a leading cause of weed infestation on sand dunes at the beach and in reserves.”

And  Lex Bartlett, Leisure & Open Spaces Asset Manager, says: ” This has always been a problem, but we’ve noticed it becoming more widespread.”

“It’s not only appalling to see this dumping in our natural environment, but the work involved in removing it and dealing to all the weeds that grow up around the rubbish ends up costing ratepayers. It’s particularly frustrating for our voluntary Friends Group involved with restoration work on reserves.”

Residents have been ringing Council to show their concern about the issue. Mr Bartlett says he is grateful that incidences of rubbish dumped illegally are being reported, as the material can then be removed.

“In addition, if we’re given a vehicle registration, we can then follow up to find out who the culprits are. Anyone found dumping rubbish in public places such as road-sides, parks and beaches can be prosecuted,” he says.

“Please call the Council Call Centre on (04) 296 4700 during office hours or 0800 486 486 after hours to report dumping found in a public place (other than at landfill) or someone illegally dumping rubbish or greenwaste.”

And for information about the best way to dispose of garden waste, go to




This happens in every community when the cost of living AND the cost of fully participating in ones community becomes more than lower socio groups can afford.
Unfortunately the way developers and govt are heading on the Kapiti coast this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Its about a quarter of a beneficiaries weekly income to take a trailer of rubbish to the tip.
About $5 for a plastic bag (or more) with the council words on the side.
Paying for water, coastlands parks, railway parks, beach access, toll bridges over waikanae, increased rates due to super cities, toll motorways, increased pressure on LOCAL infrastructure bla bla bla, and a facist council !!!, not looking flash for the LOCAL community of Kapiti.