Survival of the Tui

A Poem for Kāpiti

By Jim McIntosh

C’mon Kapiti, there’s something not right

No need for a lynching party at night

or to don the white hoods of the vigilante

It’s still a great statue of artistry.


Ask the abuse survivors if they can see

there’s nothing more fitting than a splendid tui

as a symbol of their courageous fight

to free themselves and again take flight.


Tui survived against the unwanted invasion

of human-introduced predators across this nation

And triumphed against loss of their habitation

A survivor despite the abuse degradation!

( Jim McIntosh
Shoemaker & Travel Blogger



I know only too well the shock and trauma of sexual abuse on our children, and the ongoing effects, often down through generations.
I would point out I’m not alluding to any of my immediate family.
But I too have been sickened by the effects on people close to me…some of my poetry will reflect that. If that sickens anyone, then the message is being conveyed.

It’s a subject that our society needs to confront openly.
The big question we all face is – how do we discuss this abhorrent subject without more hurt to all affected?

Alan and Helen,

Could you please consider removing this piece of patronising and ill-conceived doggerel, as well as the offensive illustration. Both make me want to throw up.


Hello Nicola
I aren’t happy with censoring anything as a matter of principle, but I have changed the picture.
The poem has been moved off the Front Page anyway (to the Poetry and Books page),but I think the author is entitled to his views. I’m no expert on poetry; so can’t really comment on the poem itself.
I must say I certainly don’t agree with every sentiment expressed.
Perhaps a really good poem to express the views you espouse would be appropriate?
Alan Tristram