Turver romps home in Electra poll despite Council snub

A high-profile critic of KCDC policies, Chris Turver, has scored an overwhelming victory in the Electra Trust  elections.

Former Kapiti mayoral candidate Turver got 6495 votes, nearly 1,000 more than second-runner Ray Latham.

Only last week, and in a controversial move.the Kāpiti Coast District Council decided to use its 249 block votes for the first time —  backing Mr Latham and two other candidates – and snubbing Mr Turver, who has long been a popular choice for the Trust.

The Kāpiti Independent said at the time this meant, in effect, the six councillors who voted — Councillors Diane Ammundsen, Roger Booth, Penny Gaylor, Peter Ellis, Tony Lester and Ross Church — used the district’s votes to back certain candidates and not others.

The official results are:

TURVER, Chris 6,495

LATHAM, Ray 5,525

SCOTT, David 4,356

RUSH, Tony 2,292

HILL, Duncan 1,420

After the result was announced, Mr  Turver, who is the present Trust chair, said he appreciated the depth of support from voters.

“The result would appear to reinforce the wish of the Kapiti-Horowhenua community to make sure the annual discount isn’t touched and the independence of Electra is protected,” he said.

He was alluding to an earlier, abortive,  attempt by some in the KCDC to get the Trust to use part of its annual discount money to back ‘community’ projects.