Council uses Trust votes for 1st time — backs 3 candidates, snubs Chris Turver

By the Editor, Alan Tristram

The Kāpiti Coast District Council has taken the highly-controversial step of using its 249 block votes to back candidates in the Electra Trust elections.

The Kāpiti Independent says this means, in effect, that the six councillors who voted — Councillors Diane Ammundsen, Roger Booth, Penny Gaylor, Peter Ellis, Tony Lester and Ross Church — used the district’s votes to back certain candidates and not others.

And it so happens that the former mayoral contender Chris Turver (right), who has incurred some council disfavour, got no votes at

The Council was opting for the first time to exercise its right to vote in the Electra Trust Elections.

First time block vote exercised

As a major Electra customer with multiple connections to the network, the KCDC has a total of 249 votes, but has chosen not to use them in the past.

Recently the Council invited all Electra Trust candidates to present their policies to Council.

Tony Rush tabled a statement on May 30 and Mr Rush and Ray Latham attended and addressed Council last Thursday.

Duncan Hill asked for a statement to be read out, as he was unable to attend in person.

Mr Turver refused invite

Chris Turver declined the invitations but offered to update Council on the role of the Trust, if re-elected.  David Scott is overseas.

Councillors were faced with two decisions today –- firstly whether Council should use its voting rights and, secondly, if it opted to so, which of the five candidates it would support.

Councillors Diane Ammundsen, Roger Booth, Penny Gaylor, Peter Ellis, Tony Lester and Ross Church voted in favour of Council exercising its right to vote, as an Electra customer.  Councillors Gurunathan, Mike Cardiff and Tony Lloyd disagreed.

Mayor Jenny Rowan did not take part in the process and Councillor Hilary Wooding was absent on sick leave.

When it came to voting for candidates councillors K Gurunathan, Tony Lloyd and Mike Cardiff refused to participate. And  Councillors Gurunathan and Cardiff left the chamber whilst voting took place.

Voting was done on a proportional basis with 249 votes apportioned to Ray Latham, 207 to Tony Rush and 42 to Duncan Hill.

Councillors passed another resolution making it clear Council had no interest in targeting the Electra Trust rebate and acknowledging it is the business of the Electra Trust to determine how the rebate is used and distributed.

Horowhenua District Council has also exercised its voting rights in this and previous Electra Trust elections.





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Alienation is right.
It is presumptuous for councillors to expect candidates to attend to present their policies- they are outlined with the voting forms. No other Electra customer could expect candidates to personally attend to deliver their policies to them.
I will not vote for any candidate that kowtowed to KCDC.

How stupid are these Councillors? Can they do anything more to alienate the ratepayer? Of course I’m sure that if the three candidates favored with block voting get in they will keep their mits off our rebate, right?