Youngest Councillor Sophie Handford Shines In A Difficult Year

KIN’s political editor Jeremy Smith says Kāpiti councillors and the mayor – many of them supposedly part-time – have a demanding job and it’s becoming more complicated. 

Jeremy Smith

But Sophie Handford found a way through the maze.

Smith says: “In the course of a year councillors can expect some wins and some losses- that’s the way the job works.

And the win comes because the councillor has been able to build enough support to get the votes at the council table.

But the youngest councillor Sophie Handford achieved two big successes in December.

Soaring Sophie

The first was as the proposer of the successful motion, by a one vote majority, to establish a community board for Raumati.

That came out of representations by Raumati interests and the work of the relevant councillor and board members. 

The second win was the successful proposal to fix up the crossing at Poplar Avenue and Matai Street in the light of a 700 plus petition.

Again this is result of work by others particularly petition organiser Paul Callister.

For 2021, take a tick Sophie Handford.”

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