Wooding wants Water and Meters

By the Editor

For some time now, the position of some Council politicians on water meters has been – to put it kindly – murky.

In an effort to ‘clear the water’ and bring you up to date, the Independent has been asking councillors who may have given the impression at one time that they were opposed to meters, to make their position clear.

Councillor Hilary Wooding, who approved meters at a recent KCDC workshop, has given us this statement:

“Water is a finite resource. It is precious and necessary for life but much of the Coast has limited supplies.

“Council has asked its citizens to conserve water, with little success. On average residents use 640 litres per person per day; a reasonable allocation is 400 litres,” she says.

“Water meters ensure that our water is fairly distributed. Charges can take into account specific needs.”

Cr Wooding addsl:”Communities with adequate supplies may not need meters – this can be discussed. I believe that households dependent on the Waikanae River must be metered.

“Meters do not anticipate privatisation to which I am totally opposed”.

Updated 10th March 2009