Wonderful Potato Peel Pie!

Do you want to marry me? Just thought I would ask. Juliet Ashton

A tale of two women

By Roger Childs

This delightful film moves between Guernsey and London in the 1940s.

It is essentially the story of Juliet Ashton, an English writer who has been corresponding with a pig farmer, Dawsey Adams, on the German occupied Channel Island, and sending him books for the local club.

After the war is over, she decides to go and meet the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

This is when she finds out about the other woman, Elizabeth McKenna, who disappeared after being detained by the Germans and sent to mainland Europe.

There is no bad language, sex or violence in this movie, which demonstrates that you can have excellent cinema entertainment without resorting to these extreme elements: four and a half stars.

Great acting and cinematography

All the cast are very impressive ranging from 6 year old Kit (Florence Keen), to grandfather, Eben Ramsey, played by Tom Courtney. In the lead role Lily James is very convincing as she balances obligations to her publisher with her curiosity and desire to uncover the mystery of the strangely named book club.

The beautiful Juliet also has to deal with the reality that three men are in love with her.

Guernsey is a very picturesque island and cinematographer,  Zac Nicholson, makes a meal of the beautiful green landscapes, imposing shoreline cliffs and expansive beaches. The wonderful stone buildings are also a sight to behold.

Not to be missed

The book club members

GLPPPS is a polished movie which never misses a beat. Director Mike Newell has paced it well and the plot unfolds with plenty of twists and turns. Some may feel that the ending is somewhat contrived, but what precedes the climax is definitely not.

All the characters have their idiosyncrasies and the Guernsey folk in particular are delightfully quirky.

This is first rate entertainment and if you haven’t seen it, don’t hesitate.







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