Maybe It’s WINZ Staff Who Need Job Training!


From the Breadline…

By Grace

Where to start? Such a lot of angst in the world, it’s hard to keep forging ahead, paddling our little canoe through such turbulent waters.

Riots in France, flooding, typhoons, the UK’s public spending cuts, striking teachers and fresh enquiries into a notorious murder case (Crewe) here, how to maintain perspective? How to act locally whilst this global turmoil rages?

I did The Walk of Shame late last month, readers. I had to approach WINZ for a food grant as our winter power bill topped $200 for a single month.

Bbbrrr! It was granted, and after the paperwork was completed, I was told it was time for me to start looking for paid work as my child is over 6.

I asked where my interviewer was going to magic these jobs from – out of her ear, perhaps? Is there some secret bag full of jobs somewhere that we haven’t been told of in this recession?

I was informed that there were jobs out there, and it was up to me to put myself forward and go get one.

‘I’m not cooking and I’m not cleaning.’ Before you deride me, gentle reader, my parents taught me there was no shame in hard work. I have done those jobs, and worse, for pay.

If it’s the difference between rent and the streets, I am happy to clean toilets, or do what’s needed.

However, having done my time of drudge jobs, I am not prepared to perform hard manual labour (as commercial cooking is, and cleaning to other’s standards is) for just over the minimum wage at my time of life.

I am disabled, and over 40. Therefore, I seek an office position that I can perform for many years to come, rather than, say, four months busting my boiler at physical labour.

Besides, I can barely clean my own house; what makes you think I’d want to clean YOURS?

‘If there’s a job going, we will send you for an interview, and you will have to accept it. Whatever it is.’ pronounced said case worker.

‘Are you familiar with the laws of physics, miss?’ I enquired of my hapless interviewer.

‘No, not really. What do you mean?’ she replied.

‘This is a case of irresistible force meets immovable object. Good luck with that.’ I riposted.

‘Send me your CV, and we’ll start looking for you. Oh, what do you do, then, if you don’t cook or clean?’

‘I’m an editor, writer, and desktop publisher. I can also perform as a legal secretary, or PA at a pinch, depending on whom I work for.’ My interviewer sat back in her chair, stunned.

‘Judge. Book. Never. By. Cover. A. It’s.

Put those words into a sentence.’ I invited. Standing up, I brushed a speck of fluff off my dress and bid her good day.

For the record, readers, I am applying for suitable jobs at the rate of one a week, minimum. I’ll keep you posted!



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