Waikanae Greenwaste Service Saved, But No Recycling, Says KCDC

The Kāpiti Council says Composting New Zealand (CNZ) will stay at the Waikanae greenwaste drop off site — but the Council still plans to kill off recycling at the centre.

Kapit Coast District Council HQ

Sean Mallon, Council’s Group Manager Infrastructure Services says this move follows consultation on the Council’s draft Long-term Plan where it was proposed that the Waikanae greenwaste and recycling centre would close from 1 August 2021.

He says the greenwaste processing will not cost the ratepaeyrs anything.

Big public response

“We asked the community for their views on our proposal to close the Waikanae greenwaste and recycling site and about 200 of the 700 plus people who made a submission commented on this proposal,” says Mr Mallon.

“We acknowledge that Waikanae residents like having this facility on their doorstep and we are pleased that we have been able to negotiate a one-year goodwill agreement with Composting New Zealand to keep the greenwaste facility operating.

Recycling centre sill due to be abolished

“Under the agreement Composting New Zealand will determine new operating hours which will take effect on 1 August 2021.

“The proposal to close the recycling service at the site remains due to the costs associated with providing the service. We believe that spend could be better used in providing other services, facilities and projects in the district.

“Once the Long-term Plan is adopted on 24 June residents will have the option of taking their recycling to the nearby Otaihanga transfer station from 1 August,” says Mr Mallon.

I understand that at the long term plan workshops, there was NO support for closing the recycling facility. Council has acted autocraticly in making this decision which is not supported by Waikanae residents. To infer that there was support for this closure is disengenuous.

As the Waikanae recycling centre is well used by local residents and ratepayers, it beggars belief that the cost of the service could be better used in the district (NO commitment to spend it in Waikanae). Only obscure mention of the proposal in the long term plan (2021-2041) for which there was significant opposition (the highest number of submissions on a specific waste minimisation issue) and NO support for its closure in the summary of submissions.
We pay rates so that the Council provides services that the residents want. There has been NO consultation with Waikanae residents or ratepayers about the closure.
This proposal should be scrapped!


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