Why Won’t Council Protect Kids from Dangerous Traffic at Raumati?

Editor Alan Tristram asks Councillors and Mayor Gurunathan why they appear to be doing nothing to protect young children from traffic dangers at Raumati Beach.

Site of earlier accident at the eastern end of Raumati Road

He says: “The situation is so bad I’m writing this open letter to elected officials asking why they have done nothing effective to protect young children from the chaotic traffic.

“Mayor and Councillors, you seem to devote a massive amount of time to prestige projects, and climate action, but nothing to provide basic protection for our young children.

“Last year we (KIN) arranged for Cr Janet Holborow to see for herself the dangers faced by children from two schools, and three early learning centres, as they make their way to lessons.

Cr Bernie Randall has also taken an interest since his election.

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Reviews, signs, but nothing effective

On September 25, 2019, Sean Mallon, Council’s Infrastructure Manager, said :

‘A review of the Raumati Beach Village roading corridor, including potential traffic calming and safety improvements, is currently being undertaken. This review will be completed later this calendar year. 

‘Council works with residents, schools and the Police to address road safety concerns.

‘Earlier this year we installed an electronic school sign on Hillcrest Road to encourage people to slow down around the Raumati Beach school zone.

‘New 30km speed limits were established for the Raumati Beach Village centre in July this year following community consultation. We have also placed “Please Slow Down” signs on Matatua Road and Rosetta Road.’ 

ButThe Kapiti Independent asks:

  • Why haven’t you installed speed bumps to slow traffic?
  • Why haven’t you made the three pedestrian crossings safe by raising them from the road surface (like those at Paraparaumu Beach) ?
  • Why don’t we see any police at the most dangerous times before and after school?
  • Do you realise how much traffic has increased in the past year? (please provide these figures)

The Editor says: “If we do nothing, it is only a matter of time before a child is killed, or seriously injured.

“Children’s lives matter! Do sometrhing now!

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“The time for talking is over.”

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