“Did none of the Councillors think to engage with the public before that decision?”

You got it in one John. Isn’t it amazingly stupid to do this right before an election? Must of either been on some good drugs or just so cocky that they thought we would do little as usual. Oh how wrong they were. I’d like to know if they would do the same thing again?

As I understand it the Library book funding was cut during the Annual Plan. Why is it only recently that it has been revealed and is being discussed? Did none of the Councillors think to engage with the public before that decision?

Certainly Liz, here they are in order of appearance and feel fre to call or email your representatives to tell them how you feel about the book funding cuts or anything else that you feel they should know about or be doing. That’s why we pay them for after all said and done:

1. Mayor K (Guru) Gurunathan Phone: 04 296 4757
Email: k.gurunathan@kapiticoast.govt.nz

2. Councillor Janet Holborow / Deputy Mayor & Ward Councillor for Paekakariki-Raumati / Mobile: 027 296 1628
Email: janet.holborow@kapiticoast.govt.nz

3. Councillor Mike Cardiff / Districtwide Councillor / Mobile: 021 441 243
Email: mike.cardiff@kapiticoast.govt.nz

4. Councillor Jackie Elliott / Districtwide Councillor / Mobile: 021 045 2762
Email: jackie.elliott@kapiticoast.govt.nz

5. Councillor John Howson / Districtwide Councillor / Mobile: 027 444 1830
Email: john.howson@kapiticoast.govt.nz

6. Councillor Angela Buswell / Districtwide Councillor / Mobile: 021 316 845
Email: angela.buswell@kapiticoast.govt.nz

7. Councillor James Cootes / Ward Councillor for Ōtaki / Mobile: 027 457 2346
Email: james.cootes@kapiticoast.govt.nz

8. Councillor Fiona Vining / Ward Councillor for Paraparaumu / Mobile: 021 252 3670
Email: fiona.vining@kapiticoast.govt.nz

9. Councillor Michael Scott / Ward Councillor for Waikanae / Mobile: 027 448 4110
Email: michael.scott@kapiticoast.govt.nz

10. Councillor Mark Benton / Ward Councillor for Paraparaumu / Mobile: 021 378 563 /
Email: mark.benton@kapiticoast.govt.nz

bobkiwicelt is the moniker 61 year olde Chris Walker of Otaki Beach uses when doing his digital posters which can be viewed on Facebook under that name. “Art should challenge peoples preconceptions about the world we all live in and if there is one subject folks have those it’s the dirty game known as politics. We are all rather powerless in the face of the power council has at it’s disposal so art is a way to get the message across. Those who believe council can do no wrong are not big fans of this approach but I won’t be losing any sleep over that?” The father of four children who is also known for his council activism and letter writing to the local print media lives in hope that council will replace the two bus shelters they erroneously removed from Toi Street, Otaki Beach and finish the Tasman Road Reserve properly after waiting 30 years for council to do so.


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