Paekakariki Community Notices

Chill-Ed II: The Return

Paekakariki’s Skills Series 2011

Chill-Ed is a series of informal community-organised classes. To book a place in any workshop email or phone Sam Buchanan on (04) 905 5685. Entry to all workshops is by koha/donation. Additional costs are noted in the workshop description.

Earthships: The Dirty Truth
Following the popular ‘Earthships: what, how, why?’ presentation, Steve Bright will show how it’s done. Come and see how the basic building blocks are made using old car tyres, earth and a sledgehammer, and get some ideas for using them. This will be a practical demonstration, focussed on a work-in-progress. Earthship buildings were developed by American architect Mike Reynolds to reduce the costs of building new houses, the running costs and the ongoing environmental costs.
Steve Bright is an engineer by trade. In 2003 he built an Earthship with the Low Carbon Network (Brighton) and Mike and his team.
With Steve Bright at 9 Porter Place
Monday 14th of February, 7pm – 9pm

Mixed Media Magic
Come and make mixed media magic and explore your creative instincts, with experimental drawing and painting techniques that would be suitable for the absolute beginner or the advanced artist looking to be refreshed in their art approaches. Class incorporates NLP and right brain hemisphere exercises as well as painting and drawing to music. Classes will be playful, esteeming and your art practice will be invigorated. All materials supplied – chalk pastels, oil pastels, acrylic paints, oil paints, conte, charcoal textured and large art papers, inks, dyes.
With Rachel Benefield at St Peter’s Hall
Mondays for five weeks, starting 14th of February, 7pm – 9pm
Bookings required – limited to 10 people. Contact Rachel on 905 8219 or at
$75 for five weeks

Organising and Promoting a Gig or Other Event
We offer tips on organising and promoting gigs, community events, symposiums and community workshops while staying sane. On the principle ‘everything is easier than you think’, we’ll explore the Gaffer Tape and Checklist method now used internationally.
With Al Witham, Helen Keivom and Sam Buchanan at 52 Tilley Road
Wednesday 16th of February 7pm – 9pm.
Bookings required – limited to 10 people

Building a Raised Garden 101
A hands-on introduction to making a lasagne garden. Make a quick and simple timber vegetable frame from non-toxic timber and build a layered compost heap (like a lasagne) directly into the new plot. Learn about the different materials that go into making a fertile garden, and where to source them from. Bring gloves and something for the compost such as seaweed, kitchen scraps, leafy greens, grass clippings or animal manure.
With Steve Bright and Flo McNeill at 11 Haumia Street
Saturday 19th of February, 10am – 12 noon

Everyday Yoga for Women
Learn some simple exercises to stretch or relax in the course of your everyday life. Create flexibility, muscle tone and relaxation as you become more aware of your posture, muscles, joints and breath.
With Aleks Tanasic at 51 Ocean Road
Sunday 20th of February, 10.30am – 12 noon
Bookings required – limited to 10 women

Harvesting Your Greywater
Want to irrigate your trees and lawn while conserving water? Create a resource from your laundry and shower/bath greywater. Ben will discuss the elements of an effective and safe greywater system and possible models.
With Ben Thompson, Council’s Water Use Coordinator, at 137 Tilley Road
Wednesday 23rd of February, 7pm – 9pm

Long-Line Fishing 101
An introduction to long-line fishing, with practical demonstration if the weather permits, covering bait, equipment, local species, regulations, preparing the catch and kayak use.
With Pete McLaughlin and mystery guests on beach by Memorial Hall if fine, or in the Scout Hall if wet.
Saturday 26th of February, 10am – 12 noon

Vegetarian Cooking
An introduction to vegetarian cooking based on Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda is a tradition of Indian healing which places emphasis on food, cooking and digestion to maintain excellent physical, mental and spiritual health. The class will cover:
2.5 hour cooking demonstration followed by a delicious shared lunch.
Use of spices and preparation of dahl, vegetables, chutneys, grains and sweets.
An introduction to vegetarianism plus tips on Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition.
With Anja Foley at 28 Te Miti Street
$15 per person
Sunday 27th of February, 10.30am – 1.30pm
Bookings required – limited to 10 people

Know Your Seaweed
An introduction to common seaweeds of the Kapiti Coast. A short talk on seaweeds, what they are, and why they are so interesting, and a ramble. Some wading might be involved, wear footwear for walking on rocks, preferably shoes you don’t mind getting wet.
With Joe Buchanan (currently completing a PhD in marine biology, focussing on genetic variation in brown seaweeds) at Pukerua Bay Beach
Sunday 27th of February (If weather is hideous, Sunday 13th of March
Meet at St Peter’s Hall, Beach Road, 9.45am for carpooling or 10am at the carpark at the south end of Pukerua Bay beach.

Keeping Chickens (with a supplement on ducks)
An introduction to keeping and caring for chickens. Darcy is a serious chicken man, consultant on This Way Up’s Funky Chicken Farm and repeat guest at Kapiti’s Seedy Sunday, so he can answer your burning questions too.
With Darcy Philp (and Sam & Jane Buchanan) at 137 Tilley Road
Monday 28th of February, 7pm – 9pm

Basic Bike Repairs
Demonstrations and advice for doing your own simple bike maintenance: repairing punctures, adjusting brakes etc. Please note this is a how-to session rather than a repair workshop, so you don’t need to bring your bike. A notebook and pen may be useful.
With Torv Rozing at 141 Tilley Road
Wednesday 2nd of March, 7pm – 9pm

Introductory Permaculture
Permaculture is smart design, aimed at creating a garden that’s as self-sustaining as possible by linking together different elements – plants, trees, animals and humans – to hopefully form an ecosystem. We will look at a garden that’s (almost) a blank slate and start to plan a design.
With Hannah Zwartz at 7 Haumia Street
Saturday 5th of March, 2pm – 4pm

Paekakariki Ukes (PUKES)
An informal gathering on the first Saturday of each month where we play ukulele and sing together. Bring a uke and whatever you want to eat/drink. For a printable copy of the songs we have played before email You don’t have to be experienced, just willing to have a go – you can just sing, do percussion or drink if that’s where your skills are at, or even play something other than a ukulele (but please no amplified instruments, tubas or pipe organs).
With PUKES at Paekakariki Playcentre
Saturday 5th of March, from 8pm

Make a Bio-digester
What do you do with pernicious weeds that can’t be composted (like wandering willie, convolvulus, oxalis and kikuyu)? Find out how to liquefy them and transform them into mineral-rich fertiliser using a simple double-barrelled bio-digester made from two plastic drums.
With Hannah Zwartz, KCDC’s Green Gardener, at 23 Te Miti Street
Sunday 6th of March, 10am – 12 noon

Build Your Own Rain Barrels
Would you like to save rainwater from your roof for use on your garden? Come and see a simple 240L rainwater catchment system being set up, using recycled plastic barrels and commonly-available plumbing materials. Written instructions provided.
With Ben Thompson, KCDC’s Water Use Coordinator, at 137 Tilley Road
Monday 7th of March, 7pm – 9pm

Building a Compost Bin
Want to compost your garden waste? Come and see a quick and easy compost bin being built from old pallets. Pallets are readily available, free and often made of untreated timber.
With John Wraight at 23 Te Miti Street
Wednesday 9th of March, 10am – 12 noon
Please donate homegrown produce as koha

Introductory Homebrewing – back by popular demand
Get some pointers for making your own beer from scratch or using brew kits. With former Paekakariki residents, John and Joe. Workshop may retire to a nearby residence for further research into particular brews.
With Joe Buchanan and John Anderson at Paekakariki Playcentre.
Wednesday 9th of March, 7– 9pm

Easy and Speedy Food Gifts for Friends
Fast and easy food gifts that make a change from the usual bottle of wine or chocolates. Examples may include preserved lemons, flavoured sugars, herb vinegars, rubs for meat, potted cheese, fruit in alcohol and so on… Some items will be available for tasting on the day. Bring a notebook and pen.
With Frano Schuster-Keith at 8 Te Miti Street
Saturday 12th of March, 2pm (prompt start)
Bookings required – limited to 10 people
Koha of $10 or more requested – to be gifted to Kapiti School, Kenya (a planned school and forest conservation centre) – see

Summer Pruning
Which fruit trees need pruning in summer and which in winter? Stonefruit or pipfruit? What’s a lateral and what’s vegetative growth? A simple beginner’s guide.
With Hannah Zwartz at 9 Porter Place
Sunday 13th of March, 10am – 12 noon

Chill-Ed is brought to you by a group of local residents with support from the Kāpiti Coast District Council and the letters ‘C’ and ‘K’.