What’s Up DoC 2?

How is a democratic society supposed to function when lobbying organisations, acting on behalf of a significant segment of society, decide they can no longer perform this important role?

How do you effect change when organisations such as Fish & Game start worrying more about where their funding is coming from than about the risks to our food chain and the lives of hunters and fishermen?

Kathy White, Waikato Regional Councillor for Taupo-Rotorua and the Environmental and Services Performance Committee Chair.

“Fish and Game’s” primary duty

By Tony Orman

I’m the author of some trout fishing books and have held a Fish and Game trout fishing licence for just on 70 seasons. I consider Fish and Game’s first duty is to its licence holders, i.e. the trout fishing public.

I realise under the act of parliament transforming the old acclimatisation  societies to today’s fish and game councils that for some strange reason, the new councils’ first obligation was to the Minister of Conservation in other words the Department of Conservation.

Frankly the apparent support by Fish and Game NZ and its then CEO for this political hamstring was a very dumb, very stupid move.

Trout getting poisoned

Fish and Game have a moral obligation first and foremost to the trout resource and its shareholders, i.e. licence holder anglers.

The recent debate over trout eating mice dying of 1080, or for that matter brodifacoum, and thereby building up toxic residues have focused entirely on the health of anglers eating trout.

Fish and Game should be more worried about the effect of toxin residues on the aquatic ecosystem and trout.

Videos of post-1080 drops show eels eating toxic carcasses and koura taking baits to their lure. Trout can eat eels and vice-a-versa and trout eat koura. Toxins often have an endocrine disruptor trait which renders males infertile.

 If trout have toxic residues what is their effect on natural spawning of the fish.

Despite denials by DOC, the scientific research is so sketchy or non-existent or lacking in credibility. An independent assessment of pro-1080 research by Quinn and Pat Whiting O’Keefe showed the commissioned paid-for science to be biased and seriously flawed.

Fish and Game cannot sweep the 1080 issue under the carpet. To do so is short-sighted, morally wrong and disloyal to its licence holders.

Teaching kids 1080 is good

A pest?

The brainwashing of youngsters in schools is very real and has been going on for decades. My two daughters were told by their primary school teacher 40 years ago that deer were pests and damaging the vegetation.

The teacher was a Forest and Bird Society member.

Sixteen years ago, in 2001, a paper titled Introduced wildlife in New Zealand: A survey of general public views. (Landcare Research Series No. 23, Lincoln, New Zealand.) showed 81% favoured deer being managed as a resource.

The scientist then wrote that while acknowledging the use of 1080 caused considerable public concern and even active resistance, the opposition could be dismissed.

In his opinion, the public did have the same knowledge, facts or training as most wildlife professionals do and in some cases were influenced by superficial knowledge, misconceptions, alarmist claims and polarised views. 

The results of the survey clearly perturbed the author scientist. He lamented the “failure” to educate people and highlighted the importance of also targeting appropriate environmental education within the school curriculum said the Landcare Research paper.

Kill! kill! kill?

In other words, educate or brainwash youngsters at school when they are impressionable, I find this repugnant and irresponsible by a so-called professional body such as Landcare Research.

More recently I learned of a DOC employee in the central North Island who goes around schools telling them of “evil” introduced animals and almost certainly the need for cruel poisons.

The DOC woman apparently believes in organic farming but paradoxically supports ecosystem poisons.

(To read “What’s Up Doc 1”, scroll down to December 4.)


I think the ban 1080 party got 3,000 votes this time around 2,000 less than the last elections, is that because the dumb lied to masses believed that a Labour/Green/NZ first govt might do something better than the last lot of lying b’s?
Fat … chance of anything good coming from voting.
We are sold a pile of rubbish every 3 years, these b’s will keep doing what they are doing till the end. New Zealand owns the 1080 factory in Wyoming (?) what the hell is that all about?
Fortunately the end is near. This cancer called Homo sapiens is about to be ‘cured’
Ban 1080 was the only moral vote, as banning 1080 could end pain and suffering immediately, every other vote just delays and makes the end worse.

Yes, excellent Tony, but what we overlook is that NZ Fish & Game has been totally controlled by both DOC and the Ministry for the Environment for at least the last decade and that exactly the same people get re-elected every three years – successfully destroying 200-years of game bird hunting, spending $50 million on the RMA – failing every time, which is why all our rivers and wetlands are so polluted they will never recover.
Most of our natural environment and our endemic wildlife is in such a disastrous state we can kiss it most of it goodbye.
The only remaining natural environment will be that protected by a QEII National Trust Open Space Covenant – but the Trust receives mediocre annual funding from the Government.
Neil Hayes QSM

Absolutely spot on there Mr. Orman.

The hypocrisy of these people in Landcare & the Dept of Conservation ( & others!!)
is beyond belief!!!! However, we have to remember that all these people in these Govt jobs have signed documents which requires them to stick to each Dept’s “official propaganda line” OR ELSE.!!!! This is one of the reasons that it is hard to get an “official source” to give a name which turns any publicly disseminated info into questionable unsubstantiated bumph.

There needs to be some clear public statements from these people on just two of the many issues that need clear answers????

1. Why is DOC advising fisherpersons NOT to eat trout downstream of an aerial
1080 poison drop????? And:

2. Why are Kea suddenly on the “endangered species” list???? It wasn’t that
long ago that there was a bounty on their heads & people hiking the Sthn Alps
would find their tents & contents torn to pieces & shredded!!!!! Perhaps?????
these cheeky inquisitive beautiful birds are seriously attracted to the nice
green ( dyed green to discourage birds!!!???) sugar & cinnamon flavoured
1080 baits??? I mean if Koura & eels & trout like them & Kea like windscreen
wiper blades & car door seals??? that may well be why Kea are suddenly
falling off their perches in large numbers????

Let’s see the propagandists talk their way out of that lot????

Dave Mingins ( REAL conservationist— Rotorua )

Well guys maybe hunter and fisherman can ban together and stop buying Game bird Licences and Trout Licences and maybe F&G may listen. Fish and Game actually work and are employed by all of us. We pay there wages but they are so entrenched with DOC its a bloody joke. Take away the revenue and they may listen. There is one arsehole on the southern F & G who promotes the use of steel !! and wonders why the game bird population is decreasing. Retard.

Not only have Fish and Game have ditched their responsibilities to the people who put them there, the licence holders, but so to has the NZDA done the same thing, ditched their members by cuddling up to the DoC and dancing to their tune. Not only are the kids at school being brainwashed but so to are adults who have spent little or no time actually observing what goes on in our poisoned wild places believing in glossy books brochures and verbal diarrhea, that is thrown at them on a regular basis. I often wonder how well many of these bull——s can sleep at night.

Congratulations to Tony Orman for such a telling article. I won’t hold my breath for a sensible answer from Fish and Game. And where are the Green Members of Parliament now? Not hiding, pretending nothing has been said surely? Time to stand up and be counted and insist, very publicly, on a searching inquiry into why for so many years has a Government Department been processing almost the total world production of the deadly 1080 poison into baits and spending millions to dump the stuff from the air over much of back country New Zealand. How many in this Government Department are drawing big salaries in the jobs they have developed for this task? When will they be held criminally responsible for the destruction of millions of native birds as well as the extraordinarily agonising deaths of thousands upon thousands of animals?
Rob McMillan

A good piece by Tony Orman. Fish and Game are paid to manage and defend New Zealand’s trout fisheries, and the interests of fishermen. They are paid to represent the interests of license holders, not to bow to the political influences of government poisoning agencies hell bent on 1080 poisoning every forest and waterway in New Zealand.