Plantings Growing Amazingly

From the Whareroa Guardians: John Lancashire, Michael Keith, Ann Evans, Rachel Kiel-Taylor, Jenny Rowan, John Porter, Carol Reihana, Liffet Stewart, Bob Zuur and Sue Blaikie.

The last working bee of 2011 (December 4th ) in the Upper Dell was very pleasant. Lots of plants, donated by Nicola Easthope and Al , were uncovered and released and the path opened up.

Currently the Ti Kouka plantings are growing amazingly – the regular rain so far this summer has been so good. Grass overtopped the smaller plants and some may have been lost but overall survival is excellent.

Releasing is still needed and a number of volunteers have been in doing this regularly including Dawn Bush, Liffet Stewart, Sue Blaikie, Ann Evans, Don and Mary Beggs and Dave Allen. Anyone is very welcome

Dan and ann Way-Finding

to go in and help the process for an hour or so at any time. An access path has been cleared through the long grass.

Protection from Pukekos Following our experience with planting root trainer manuka and kanuka last year we have decided that any future small plantings will need protection covers both to protect from pukekos and make it easier to find them.

Helen and Tony Griffiths continue their regular bird monitoring. They are building up a good data base and will do it for a year. It will be interesting to then repeat it in 5 years or so. Moreporks are heard in the late evening and one was seen early one morning.

Two “Henry” possum traps have been put out with some success. These kill the possum instantly and reset themselves.

Seed gathering will be needed soon. It is a matter of observing when they are ready and then doing the gathering, with the QE Park nursery staff. Would anyone be interested in coordinating this, or helping? Again, please let us know.

QE Park has a productive nursery, growing plants from local seeds. We would like to develop an ongoing relationship with the nursery. There is a regular “potting up” working bee every Wednesday morning from 9.30am and more volunteers are needed. If “Whareroa volunteers” are involved we will be able to obtain some plants. If anyone can offer their time on a reasonably regular basis, please let us know.

Kapiti Mountain Bike Club are advancing their plans to develop downhill tracks by assessing possible routes. They are going to put up two small gates instead of the current loose field gates across the upper Link Track to secure the farm from cattle from Campbell’s Mill Rd. It is hoped that a better long term system will be sorted soon.

After preparing detailed “mini plans” DOC has commissioned Peter Handford to complete the Farm Management Plan by the end of April. Thanks to the members of the various groups: Recreation, Restoration, Farm, Heritage and Information for their work.

We look forward to meeting up with you on the farm this year and again, thank you for all the work you put in to develop and maintain the farm.

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