Whanganui Woman Missing

Where is Marice McGregor?

6th May..2010

Police are tapping into search expertise and geographical profiling in an effort to try to locate missing Marice McGregor.

Marice has now been missing for 18 days having last been seen in the area of Lismore Forest on SH4 on Monday, 19 April where her car was also found abandoned.

Significant search and rescue efforts were made in and around the area where Marice was last seen, involving helicopters, divers, dogs and officers on foot.

Detective Senior Sergeant Gwynne Pennell says, that the investigation team is re-visiting the search aspect to look more scientifically at the areas that she might be.

“Over the 8 days since Marice was reported missing to Police we have gleaned good information which we can now provide to advisors to assist them with applying scientific methodology,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Pennell. “Background about Marice, information from friends, family and the public, and timings of telephone activity will allow us to work with advisors to narrow down the possibilities and parameters.

“If harm has come to Marice, the most likely area she will be is the area of the Paraparas. We are working with search and rescue advisor Tony Groome to analyse likely areas and then will tap into geographical profiling software and expertise to prioritise areas.”

Police also now know the type of mobile phone that Marice carried with her (see attached picture) and are still trying to locate that phone. She used a Samsung W531 phone which is a flip-top style phone and it is believed to be black and metallic silver.