Whanganui Woman Missing

Marice McGregor inquiry extends

to the Manawatu

2nd May …2010

The investigation into the disappearance of Marice McGregor has extended into the Manawatu and Police continue to have grave concerns about her.

A green van or people mover remains Central to the inquiry and a photo of a vehicle similar to the one of interest is now being released in an effort to focus the mind’s of the public.

In addition to that information, Police now know that on the morning of Tuesday, 20 April, Marice’s mobile phone was switched on and then switched off again a short time later. Enquiries tell Police that it was in the Feilding area at the time. There has been no activity on the phone apart from this brief activity.

“This is crucial new information,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Gwynne Pennell. “Who switched on the phone? How did the phone get to Feilding? Where is the phone now?

“We have different pieces of a puzzle that together must form a picture; we urgently need to know what that picture looks like. Our concern for Marice is considerable. She led a very simple lifestyle. She would not have left her cats unattended for long; she doesn’t have her wallet with her. We need to know what happened on Monday, 19 April to take Marice out of her usual lifestyle.

“All explanations for his disappearance remain on the table but each day that goes by the more pressing it becomes to find out which scenario is the reality.”

Police want to hear from anyone who has information about the Mitsubishi 4WD van or people mover, which is described as green with a grey/silver skirt, and any sightings of this vehicle in the Whanganui, Rangitïkei and Manawatu areas that may be relevant to this investigation.

Further searches involving a helicopter dogs and officers on foot was carried out in the vicinity of Parihauhau Road this morning.

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