Whakarongotai's New Look

Reform Group wins vote in Iwi

poll after long-running row

June 29.2010

New Team at Whakarongotai

After a long-running dispute over leadership — and problems with the management of health service money — the main Iwi group in central Kapiti has elected a completely new board.

Earlier in the year, Capital and Coast Health Board asked Waikanae’s Te Rununga o Te Ati Awa ki Whakarongotai to return nearly $600,000 of unaccounted health funding — and it suspended four of its contracts with the rununga’s health provider, Hora Te Pai.

The reform group had been fighting for some time to get the authority to take notice of its concerns about the whereabouts of health dollars.

The new chair is a well-known and respected Kapiti Coast politician and adminstrator, Richard Orzecki,of Otaki. Mr Orzecki is also a member of the Otaki Community Board.

He was elected at an  annual general meeting in Waikanae..

The leader of the “reform” team that planned the AGM, Mr Orzecki, is a business administrator specialising in information technology.

His deputy is Cain Kereoma, a senior consultant with Kahui Tautoko Consulting, before which he was a policy analyst at the Ministry of Education.

Secretary of the newly-elected runanga is former KCDC member Ani Parata.

The treasurer is Ann-Maree Buckholt.  Executive members who were elected by postal ballot are Rawhiti Higgott, Yvonne Rikihana and Raymond Ropata.

Matua Allan,

This group has not been ratified Legally by the Maori Land Court hence as per new Trustees.

You must invetsigate properly before you print what you hear as you may find that repercussions may exist and as the Editor the Onus is on you to do just that.

These are my own thoughts

With Respect

Brent Lindsay

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