Wellington Hospital & the Free Ambulance Are Just Great!

Alan Tristram reports: ‘This week we had a medical emergency which saw my wife Helen whisked to Wellington Hospital in an ambulance and then cared for in the busy Emergency Department for some six hours.

Luckily, it turned out that she hadn’t suffered a heart attack and all was well.

Top-rate care

Why am I telling you this? Because the care and attention she got was magnificent.

The Wellington Free Ambulance teams are beyond first rate. But you probably know this already.

Grace under pressure

And the busy Emergency Department is admirable. What you get are nurses, doctors, and ancillary staff working quietly and efficiently with patients who are usually occupying every available cubicle.

Earlier photo of a night shift at the Emergency Ward

But thank God we don’t live in the US, where medicos start charging as soon as, or before, you are put in an ambulance.

In Wellington, I’ve been in the Emergency Department several times before — and now it’s improved.

Money going into the system

Why? Because we’ve got a Government that is pouring money into the health system — and it shows.

My prayer is that we don’t get a Government ( you know who) that is really devoted to private, not public, health care.

Return to the future?

For the patients who shared the Emergency Department with us last Tuesday night — many of them Pacifika — this would mean a return to third-class care.

I had a similiar good experience after I had an accident in 2016 and had to be taken to the Wellington hosiptal from Kapiti by helicopter, and was there 3 nights.
A lot of the money the health system get pays for top-heavy administration and not services to patients; it’s rather like the council. In America ambulances will charge if they transport you somewhere, but the callout itself is free. However, it’s a country where you need to have insurance, hospital costs are very expensive.

I agree whole heartedly I have an alarm they answered it promptly. Lights and sirens in a quick trip to Wellington seamless handover and quiet efficient help quick decisions and speed into a ward. Dr consulted online and all services now streamlined and consider patient needs first. Well done Wellington free, . ED and the wards. Mary-Anne Kindell


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