Wellington Aids Christchurch

Three Regional Aid Teams to Help

Quake Victims

February 23, 2011

The Wellington Region’s Civil Defence group says two Local Response Teams have been sent to Christchurch and a third will also be sent.

Wellington Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) team  and local authorities are co-operating, says Kapiti Mayor Jenny Rowan, chair of the Group.

And Group Controller, Rian van Shalkwyk reports that the Group has also been co-coordinating the reception and management of 820 evacuees (mainly international tourists) from Christchurch.

“This work started at 3am this morning and will continue way into tonight,’ Mr van Shalkwyk said.

A reception centre has been set up at the Air Force Terminal at Wellington Airport.

So far three flights with a total of 265 people have been processed and taken to welfare centres, Wellington Airport or Wellington City.


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