Water Conservation Programme

Otaki water mains being tested

20 September 2010

As part of the District wide water conservation programme, the Kāpiti Coast District Council will carry out watermain tests involving shutting down sections of the Ōtaki water supply network pipes over the next week.

To minimise inconvenience to the public the water shut downs will happen at night from midnight to 4.00am on Monday September 27, Tuesday September 28, Wednesday September 29 and Thursday September 30.

“We want to advise Ōtaki residents and businesses to fill and store water containers if Council supplied water is likely to be needed between these times,” Infrastructure & Planning Manager Sean Mallon said.

“The water supply will be back on each morning for normal daily use.

“The contractors will be working out on the roads during the water test nights operating water valves and flushing water hydrants.  The aim is to keep noise to a minimum.  Hydrant flushing will remove air and any possible unclear water from the network.

“If residents notice any issues such as discoloured water then household taps should be allowed to run until the water runs clear,” Mr Mallon said.