Water Use Down

Council says Kapiti People

are turning taps off

April 4, 2010

The KCDC says water consumption is down — and the Council’s conservation message is working

Mayor Jenny Rowan says new consumption figures show a significant reduction in the amount of water used over the summer months.

“The district’s “water is precious – he taonga te wai” message is getting through,”  she says.

The district’s peak use of water over the summer dropped from 654 litres per person per day (lpd) in 2008/09 to 556 lpd in 2009/10 — a reduction of 17.6%.

That is despite the fact there were fewer “wet” days (days with more than 0.5mm rain recorded) — down from 52 days in 2008/09 to 46 days in 2009/10.

“This is a great result for the Kāpiti Coast,” the Mayor says.

“There are a number of variables in water consumption figures, but it seems the importance of conserving water is now being understood by a very large section of the community.”
The release of the consumption figures coincides with the end of the summer water restrictions for the district.

As part of its long-term water supply strategy, Council wants to reduce peak consumption to 400 lpd over the next five years.

As part of the Annual Plan, it’s developing a strategy to cover education, financial incentives, technical innovation, and better monitoring of water flows.

The plan will back up the Summer Programme,which outlines water restrictions for the district, as well as the free Green Plumber, Green Gardener and the Eco Design Advisor services.

These initiatives, and the groundbreaking Plan Change 75 which requires rainwater and greywater collection for new dwellings, show how serious the Council is about ensuring a safe and reliable water supply, says the  Mayor.

“We’ve made significant progress towards a final decision in June on a new water supply; we’re cracking down on illegal taking of drinking water from the Council network; we’ve launched industry-backed water education initiatives.” she says.

For further information, contact Phil Stroud, Water Project Manager, Kapiti Coast District Council, 04-296 4823  or Jenny Rowan  Tel. (027) 205 3600