Water Supply Wrangle

‘KCDC Wrong Again,’ says Turver

The KCDC has been accused of denying a key part of it Waikanae river recharge application before a resource consent hearing has even started.

Former regional councillor Chris Turver says the Council claims he was wrong in stating that it wants the river recharge plan to be in place by 2014. He says it was the Council itself which stated  in its Kapiti Water Supply Project submission to Greater Wellington Regional Council that it wants a secure long term water supply to be implemented with relative urgency and that ‘Council wishes to establish a new water supply solution by 2014.’

(See p.1 of the Executive Summary of the “Kapiti Water Supply Project – Assessment of Environmental Effects”).

Mr Turver says an apology would be appropriate.

He also notes that, while the Council makes light of being hit with 50 questions from GWRC on its river recharge application, the fact remains that the clock is still stopped on the application because of KCDC deficiencies or shortcomings.