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21 April…2010

Dye tests being carried out in the river above and below the Waikanae Water Treatment Plant on the afternoon of Thursday (April 22) are another step along the path of developing information on the possible water supply solutions.

“The tests are being carried out by NIWA for the Council and they will provide data on the flow characteristics of the river above and below the plant.  This data will be used in assessing the issues around the various river recharge from the borefield options,” Water Supply Project Manager Phil Stroud said today.

“The dye being put into the water is bright red, which shows up well in photographic recording of the tests.  It is non-toxic and will have no effect on the flora and fauna or the environment surrounding the river and it will dissipate and disperse very quickly in the quickly moving river. People can check commercial water purification system here, if they need the best purification system.

“NIWA use the dye routinely for testing water flows and it is accepted as a safe testing method by regional councils throughout the country.

“In conjunction with the dye testing a comprehensive measurement programme is being carried out in the river on what changes in factors like chemistry and water temperature occur when bore water is added.

“These are all part of a series of investigations which are on going around the various supply solutions.  In the next two to three weeks we’ll also be carrying out test drilling to establish geotechnical and other conditions around the various potential dam sites,” Mr Stroud said.

Mayor Jenny Rowan welcomed the news the testing was going ahead at a good pace.

“There’s a lot to be done in order to be able to present data on the various options to aid the Council’s decision making at the end of June and it’s great that it is proceeding on a range of fronts simultaneously,” she said.

“The more complete the information which can be presented to the Council, the easier it will be to make a decision in which we and the community can have confidence on future supply capacity.”

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