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Anti- Meter campaigners starting to ‘swamp’ KCDC with submissions

By Alan Tristram

The Kāpiti anti-water meter group “Ask Us First” says it’s getting a ‘hugely positive’ response from ratepayers for its call to swamp the local council with submissions against meters.

And it says that it has also got the help of a generous private donor to take on the advertising might of the Council with its own campaign of radio and newspaper ads against water meters.
Jackie Elliott ‘delighted’
Campaign leader Jackie Elliott says she’s delighted to find that, wherever she and other campaigners go, people queue up to write ‘No Water Meters’ on submission forms to demonstrate they don’t want the $8 million scheme.

She says when the the Kāpiti Coast District Council ignored a petition by almost 8,000 residents for a district-wide referendum on water meters it effectively showed how little regard it has for its own people — and how blindly committed it is to a solution which has little popular support.

She says: “No elected Council can govern without majority support and nor can it win our hearts and minds by wasting thousands of dollars of ratepayer money on misleading advertising.”
‘Residents have it in their own hands’
Ms Elliott says residents have it in their own hands to demonstrate to the KCDC that they will no longer tolerate a Council which won’t listen and which constantly tries to ride over any opposition.

She says: “Thanks to a generous private donation, anti-water meter campaigners are able to carry out a radio advertisement campaign on BeachFM, running until the submissions close off.’

“And there will be three public notices in the local papers, trying to assure the public that making a submission is easy by just writing ‘No Water Meters’ on a submission form.”

I can’t trust the veracity of council figures on water meter costs. I know my son in Auckland pays huge costss not for his line charge and water but for waste water. I know pensioners who have left Auckland because of the wastewater costs.
Are we in Kapiti to pay no costs for wastewater or is that to be an unpleasant surprise to come once meters are installed?
Meters will not affect the Mayor or town clerk (sorry, should I say CEO) as they and others with plenty of money will not have the same financial imperative to cut water use as those on limited incomes or with young families starting out.
What will happen when the bill cannot be paid as there appears to be no allocation of free water for survival?
Just like the government, councils in New Zealand can and are exercising unbridled power.

Hi Merrin, Just to answer your question re: wastewater charges. WE DO PAY NOW… Paraparaumu/ Raumati will pay a fixed charge of $376 in 2012/13 for sewerage disposal. See page 103, Part 3 of the Draft LTP.
Guess in some form, or other this will carry on as we move to the last transition stage of the district wide fixed charges when the Wards will all pay the same, except Paekakariki.

Jackie Elliott is a tryer and I hope she succeeds. However if the entire population of Kapiti were opposed to water meters, this determined Mayor and Council would ignore them and carry on regardless. Never in the course of human history have so many been screwed by so few. Apologies to Winston. Churchill that is.