Tenders Called For Water Meters Before KCDC Decision

— But Council denies Wrongdoing

The Kāpiti Coast District Council has again broken faith with its ratepayers by putting out a tender for thousands of water meters before it’s made a final decision, according to critic Chris Turver.

Mr Turver, a former Regional Councillor, says: “The Council’s cavalier disregard for ratepayer opposition is the final straw in a long-running saga of duplicity and broken election promises.

Decision due on June 28

The Council had announced that, after considering submissions, it would make a final decision on 28 June on whether to introduce water meters for homes and businesses.

But in a formal government tender document it has, without  publicity, called tenders for the installation of 11,500 water meters and 7,800 manifolds in the southern half of the district between between Waikanae and Paekakariki.

The tender document says the contract closing date is Friday 15 June – almost two weeks before the Council says it will make a final decision – and it is planned the contract will be awarded on 2 July.

Call for resignations

Mr Turver, a former Kāpiti Regional Councillor and mayoral candidate, says the Council’s total disregard for the normally-accepted processes for decision-making is staggering and the Mayor and Councillors should resign in shame before facing the inevitability of more serious action.

He says the formal 70-page tender document is dated April 2012, proves once and for all that the Council had no intention of taking any notice of public submissions, or an 8,000 signature petition, or the results of its own household phone survey.

He says: “To have completed preparing the tender documents by April means that work must have been going on for months despite heavy public opposition and that means the Mayor and Council must have been party to this secret game-plan all along.”

Mr Turver says it is now going to be hard for the Minister of Local Government to ignore what has been going on in Kapiti, including $10 million in Council project overspends and a $44,000 pay rise for the chief executive.





Hi John, Great Questions, if you direct them to Pat Dougherty, then you will get your email stating they are being considered under the Official information act and you only have to wait 20 days for the answer. I sent a list of questions nearly the same as yours 15 days ago, lucky I’m not holding my breathe, but at least they are legally obliged to answer you and I, Ill email you the answers : ) Jackie

Dam land not purchased, $millions for it borrowed six months ago!!! Where is the money now, that is the question!

Some questions to the Council please
1) when did they decide to go ahead with water meters despite all the “consultative ” procedures including their refusal to honour the people’s petition?
2) how much has the publicity programme in local papers – to convince us we are wrong – cost the ratepayers?
3) when and from whom was the estimated figure of $8.5m received by KCDC
4) what is the figure NOW? for the first stage? .. for the whole KCDC plan?
5) what steps have actually been taken to purchase and secure the land for the proposed dam?
6) what is the break-down of the proposed cost of $24m
7) why can the cost – whatever – not be spread over the coming years?
Thank you …………. we wait for your reply