Waste Apace in Kapiti

Deidre Kent

KCDC waste disgrace sees rubbish up by a third! — Eco campaigner

By Alan Tristram

The well-known environmental campaigner Deidre Kent says the Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) must change policy to stop increasing the rubbish mountain in the district.
She told Council Annual Plan hearing today that waste went up 36% in four years.
“Well, that means we have to do something very different,” she says in her submission to the Mayor. councillors and staff.

The Council plan is to get waste down by 30% in four years, Ms Kent says.
But the KCDC should not licence companies to deliver 240 litre bins for households as this just encourages more waste, with more green waste going to landfill.
Also, she says, it appears to discourage recycling as this is often just dumped in the big bin. Taupo Council is doing this now using a bylaw.

 Deidre Kent’s background(Editor’s note: When Deidre lived in Waikanae in 2003-6 she initiated and co-organised a series of U3A lectures in Sustainability. When in Otaki, she co-founded Transition Towns Otaki and the Otaki Timebank. She is the author of ‘Healthy Money Healthy Planet – Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems,’ snd ‘ 2005 and The Big Shift: Rethinking Money, Tax, Welfare and Governance for the Next Economic System 2017′. She moved back to Waikanae in 2016 and is a member of the fledgling Low Carbon Kapiti group.s properly established. For the submission she consulted widely with other members of this group and rang people all over the country)

‘Now Council must do something’

“Council must do something about preventing organics like food waste and green waste going into landfill as when it is buried it produces methane, a very potent greenhouse gas,” Ms Kent says kin her submission.
“Council should investigate the viability of having a council collection for organics and, in the areas where it is not economic to collect, council  should educate on composting by all methods including bokashi,” she says.
“Christchurch City Council has been doing this for years, and Auckland Council is about to start.”
And on  pricing, Ms Kent argues that the price of dumping rubbish for landfill must rise and the price of dropping off green waste should drop.

One of the best ways to reduce future rubbish is quite simply reduce the amount of people creating the rubbish.
Each baby is a potential 70 year rubbish creator, in Deidre’s case that is about 350+ years worth of human rubbish creation.
This is kind of shutting the barn door as the horse disappears over the hill, 40 – 50,000 ignorant breeding consumers in Kapiti must create x amount of rubbish, it doesn’t matter the size of the bin it goes into or where we dump it, it is the source of the problem that should be attacked ie packaging for one thing.
And it is the microscopic rubbish that is going to kill us, specifically the tons and tons of CO2 that each and everyone of us ‘creates’ ie – for every sun calori (which is environmentally friendly) that goes into our food, there are 9 – 10 fossil fuel ‘calories’. A plastic bag full of carrots creates untold more CO2 than an empty plastic bag.
And all our driving to and from the supermarkets, dropping the polluters off at school or soccer practice, driving to work to create more CO2, or earn $ to spend on CO2 generating ‘products’ – electricity for one, etc etc.
Our rubbish is just the visual side of our destruction of this once human friendly environment.
Lets not talk about the 440 nuclear power plants ? They will need up to 50 years worth of continuous power just to decommission, and prevent going ‘Fukushima’. which is going to prove way way beyond our futile efforts to provide. …. So the prediction now is that most of the NPPs are going to go Chernobyl/Fukushima leading to massive ionising radiation, which will burn off our atmosphere, leaving earth resembling Mars, with maybe the only life left being microbes 7 meters below ground, recycling 10% of our crap isn’t going to prevent any of this.
When!! you might ask could all this unfold …. how about 2054 ish? You know when your newborn polluter turns 37 )
Because of our hidden pollutants, it is looking like we are headed for =10 c within as little as 4 – 10 years time.
What we are seeing in our weather patterns at the moment, is a result of the CO2 etc we have injected into the environment over the past 100 years, currently there is a 10-40 year lag in the effects of our CO2 emissions, and global warming, this is because of all the ice, once the ice has melted, the party’s over.
Then there is the CH4, currently we are seeing levels of nearly 2.00 ppm global average, with spikes of 2.7 ish, for the past 800,000 years CH4 has remained at a MAX of 0.7 ppm
CH4 could be as high as 300 ppm CO2 equivalent.
The IPCC like to spin a different story, but they are government backed trough feeders, only interested in their next funding request, telling the truth stops the funding.
Recycling 10% of our crap is a crock.
It is looking like humans ability to grow grains at scale is as near as dammit to over, as we saw 3 weeks ago when something like 20% of the US wheat crop failed because of a late frost, along with 50% of the UK grape crop, reducing the amount of wine bottles going to the dump maybe? And McDonald’s wrappers.
So in the end recycling is futile, go out and enjoy your last years, there is nothing we can do to make the situation worse for the environment, or better – that door well and truly slammed shut many years ago. Overpopulation does not matter for the planet, she is going to get rid of us no matter how many there are, BUT having a child now will make your life way more miserable in the near term, especially if you profess to love your child, which I assume parents do?? even though they spend more time picking a name for their unfortunates, and booking them into future high schools, than they do researching if the atmosphere is going to support their child … go figure.
KCDC are lying, along with all world leaders, we are in WW3 now and losing fast.