Warning! Stream at Paraparaumu Beach Could Become an Eyesore

‘Let’s keep Paraparaumu Beach beautiful, and clean up the Tikotu stream at Maclean Park,’ says Councillor Bernie Randall.

Photo: David Wall

The stream is next to the planned, but controversial, Gateway to  Kāpiti Island.

Iwi want a clean-up

Iwi representative Dr Mahina-a-rangi Baker has also urged the council ‘to conduct long-overdue improvement works on the stream which is in seriously poor health.’

Every summer the signs go up along the stream warning of the stream’s pollution.

Improvements promised, but not delivered

Earlier warning sign

In August, a Kapiti Council press release promised improvements to the stream but did not detail how that would be achieved.

The E.coli and faecal counts in the stream need to be reduced to normal levels, says Councillor Randall.

When that happens then the summer warning signs should not be required, he says.

And Cr Randall is hopeful that this can be achieved.

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