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Warm Greater Wellington scheme reaches half million dollar mark

1 July 2010

After three months of operation, Greater Wellington Regional Council’s “Warm Greater Wellington” home insulation and clean heat appliance scheme has reached the half-million-dollar mark.
Since it was launched on 6 April this year, assistance totalling over $500,000 has been approved to 255 ratepayers throughout the region.
“This is excellent news and great public validation of Council’s decision to run with this scheme,” Greater Wellington’s Chair Fran Wilde said.
Greater Wellington’s scheme supports the national ‘Warm Up New Zealand’ programme run on behalf of the Government by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).
The Warm Greater Wellington scheme offers the region’s ratepayers up to $2,600 as a top up for support offered by EECA for home insulation and clean heating for their homes. This money is repaid through a targeted rate against the property over the following nine years.
“Clearly this programme has struck a chord with people who see the benefits of having a warmer home. As well as saving energy costs and improving the capital value of a property, there are also significant health and environmental benefits.
Council capped the amount of assistance available under this scheme to $3 million a year.
“Given that the scheme has only been running for three months, the uptake so far suggests that the annual assistance cap hasn’t been set too low.
“It’s also really great to see cities and districts adding their weight to Greater Wellington’s scheme by promoting it to their residents. Hopefully the momentum generated over the past three months will continue into the new financial year,” Fran Wilde said.

Warm Greater Wellington assistance approved since 6 April 2010
City or District No of applications approved GW $ approved
Carterton District Council 0 $0.00
Hutt City Council 101 $211,043.32
Kapiti Coast District Council 32 $60,917.95
Masterton District Council 11 $24,061.76
Porirua City Council 22 $48,531.04
South Wairarapa District Council 0 $0.00
Upper Hutt City Council 33 $71,162.15
Wellington City Council 56 $120,567.06
TOTAL 255 $536,283.28
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