Whareroa Farm Snow

By Penny Redward
29th July 2011

On our SNOW day recently a small group of us decided, rather than our planned walk in Porirua, to take the safe option and look for shelter in Whareroa Farm – it provided the perfect 3 hour walk – views, bush, shelter and of course snow.  We basically followed all the trails described below apart from the Cairn Track.  Morning tea at the top by Campbell Mill Rd in the 10 minutes of sun, and lunch in the Dell huddled away from an ice storm!

East of SH1, opposite QE Park the entrance is through a beautiful rock wall built to acknowledge Leon Kiel who was paramount in saving the farm from developers.  There is good parking forcars and horse floats and an information room with photo displays and maps describing the walks.

Officially open from 8am to 6pm there is however 24hr access for walkers and cyclists.

From the information centre is a Stream Loop Walk – disabled access – hooray – at last!  Kapiti has been very lax in providing ‘walks’ for wheelchairs.

A short but steepish 10 minute climb on the Coastal View Track provides great views of Kapiti Island, QE Park and the district.

And joining this is the 30min Forest Loop Track with even more views. Then into the kohekohe Forest – still regenerating since stock removal.  Once out on the stock race walkers can return along the farm road or do another side trip up the Cairn View Track.  This track goes through the farmed land and is currently closed for lambing.

Further along the race is the Dell: a lovely quiet picnic area and the loop tracks up the ridges to Campbell’s Mill Road.  Under construction is yet another track – this will give easy access for walkers and cyclists – please don’t use this until it is finished.

Officially opened under the auspice of the Department of Conservation on 30th April

this year we now have a whole lot of new walking (and cycle and horse) opportunities in the district – and even more planned.  It’s been a long time coming but DoC and the Whareroa Guardians have worked hard and the final product is truly magnificent and well on the way to becoming a first-class recreation and educational nature facility. If anyone would like to help with the restoration projects, please send an email to: whareroa.guardians@gmail.com  Everyone is welcome from toddlers to nonagenarians.

Ian and I are off to Australia for a few months so this will be the last of the Kapiti Walks for a while.  Do keep walking we are so lucky to have the opportunities around.

Penny Redward

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