Waikanae River Mouth

2010 Whitebaiting season begins

By Graeme Trask
20 August 2010

“The best start for a season in three years” said Graham Brown of Paraparaumu Beach at the whitebaiting opening day at Waikanae.

Mr Brown and 50 to 60 other keen whitebaiters arrived at the river mouth to a reasonably fine but cool morning to take up their positions on the river and to try their luck at catching the delicacy.

Some had started arriving around 5am staking out their place and waiting for the tide to turn.

Wally Hiko, from Otaihanga, a long time whitebaiter on the river arrived at the river mouth around 7am and noticed that there were already several other whitebaiters there.

By 8 a.m. the edges of the river mouth were crowded with whitebaiters and onlookers.

Last season saw very poor catches and most put it down to the cold winter.

Neil Campbell of Paraparaumu says he arrived with his grandson Zane and his friend Billy Hayes at 5am but chose to fish a little bit back from the river mouth.

“We haven’t caught anything yet and it’s not looking good right now but you never know,” said Mr Campbell.

Dave Goslin

Another couple from Otaihanga, Dave and Joyce Goslin said they were enjoying the outing but hadn’t caught any whitebait.

The whitebait season runs from 15 August to 30 November (inclusive) in all areas of New Zealand except the West Coast of the South Island and the Chatham Islands.

Fishing is only permitted between 5 am and 8 pm OR between 6 am and 9 pm when New Zealand Daylight Saving is being observed.

For further information head on over to the Department of Conservation regulations.