Biking for Breakfast

By Peter Corlett
March 2012
L-R Della Rankin, Roman Avery, Bianca White, Sydney Barlow, Felix Ng, Thomas Crouchman

Friday 24th February started off with a Bike-to-school breakfast for 160 students of Waikanae School.

Many parents accompanied their children on their own bikes.  Hubbards supplied Muesli and the Bike Wise organization supplied merchandise prizes for those who participated.

All manner of non-motorized wheeled machines arrived at school, ranging from Wheelies (shoes with wheels built into the heels) to scooters, bikes, trolleys and skateboards of all kinds.  A school-wide survey showed that there were 11 skateboarders, 88 on bikes and 202 with scooters.

This was part of the nation-wide 2012 Bike Wise challenge

L-R Rose Surrey, Nachala Rickard, Madison Pardoe

(www.bikewise.co.nz) where individuals and organizations are encouraged to get into biking.

A group of senior students ran a variety of lunchtime activities which included games on the tennis court.   Junior and senior children were allocated different areas for safety reasons.

There were bikes and races on the large grassed top playing field, ramps for scooters to jump, and courses marked out around the paved areas to encourage one -way- traffic.

While several children were allocated boxes of sticking plasters to deal with grazes there were few required by the participants. One could also find top 10 longboard trucks for carving if interested.

“It was great to see the children whizzing around and having fun, being on their bikes, and involved in activities and challenges,” said Waikanae School teacher and sports organizer Nancy Williams.

“They were having so much fun while taking on the challenges, using ramps and obstacles, and trying the different activities on offer.”

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