School `Time Travellers`

By Peter Corlett
22nd December 2010
Callum Edwards, 9, with items for the `Time Capsule`

Making History

For six weeks Waikanae school has run a school-wide special unit called `Time Travellers`.

The idea has been to help students develop an appreciation of history, to understand the value of historical artefacts, and to help them realise that this period they are living in will also become history.

In that time the students made and contributed a variety of newsworthy memorabilia for their `Time Capsule`

The students collected local newspapers which showed major events in the district, such as the new motorway proposals, and national news which included the Pike River Mine disaster.

They produced class photos, photos of school activities and a video of new school buildings.

Letters were written to individual children by their parents and grandparents and children wrote letters to themselves.

Samples of class-work, video and sound recordings, and sketches of favourite places in the school were made.

Year 2010  stamps  and a 2010 coin were donated by NZ Post.

And students made predictions of what some everyday objects might look like in 2021, together with sketches of what they think their teachers will look like at that

Peter Foster and John Lewis, placing `Time Capsule`under the school`s new library


Several classes were able to witness the historic event when the `Time Capsule` was placed under the School`s  new library by Peter Foster, chairperson of the Board of Trustees, with the help of John Lewis, Board of Trustees member, on Monday 13th December.

The Capsule will be re- opened on the school`s 125th anniversary in  2021

– And the students who contributed coins of the year they were born will be able to retrieve them when the capsule is re-opened.

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