Showcase of the Arts performance

By Helen Tristram
11th July 2011

“Amazing Talent and ability of Students”

Waikanae School`s “Showcase of the Arts” performed to a packed audience of more than 400 parents, grandparents and friends in Waikanae Memorial Hall on July 1st.

Over 200, year 5-8 students, performed items ranging from traditional folk dances, Zumba inspired style of dance, choir items, a school band, drumming and to wearable arts.

The student `technical crew` designed the tickets, managed curtain changes, showed slideshows and videos of groups practicing their dances between the various performances, and were also responsible for checking tickets as people arrived for the show.

“The children were able to elect which group they wanted to be part of and practiced twice a week for the last 5 weeks.  The show demonstrated the amazing talent and ability of our students, and the commitment of staff to provide the kind of opportunities to develop skills and abilities that allowed all children to shine,” said Waikanae School teacher Peter Corlett.

Dancing to the Party Rock Anthem under UV light was particularly effective with dancers wearing fluorescent vests, white gloves and glow in the dark makeup.

Freya McCarthy as a `beautiful butterfly`

The most colourful event could well have been the Wearable art where costumes included Hannah Perkins as The

Sam Heustace as `Zeus`

Scary Dragon,  Sam Heustice as Zeus,

Freya McCarthy as a beautiful butterfly and Morgan Bloxam as the Dark Angel.

Audience participation was also a feature, with parents of the folk dancers invited to join the children on stage to do the German Clap Dance.

And a favourite with the children was `The Waka Waka Zumba` song from the African Football World Cup, – All the children around the hall, on the walkway and the stage joined in the singing.

The show ended with `drumming`. –  There were no drums, but instead, brooms, and wooden sticks were used to beat out complicated drumming sequences on plastic bins, and wheelie rubbish bins.

“The children can feel very proud of themselves for the quality and enthusiasm of their performances” said Peter Corlett

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