Waikanae Meeting On Equality

He iwi tahi tatou – We are now one Nation. Lieutenant Governor Hobson, 5 February 1840

Brash and Costello putting the case

Casey Costello

Hobson’s Pledge spokespersons, Don Brash and Casey Costello, will be in Waikanae on the night of April 3, promoting a New Zealand in which all citizens would have the same rights, irrespective of when they or their ancestors arrived in this land.

Dr Brash, a former National Party leader, and Ms Costello, an Auckland business manager with Ngapuhi ancestry, are raising awareness about the problems associated with

Don Brash

~ tribal appointees in local government

~ race based policy

~ treaty clauses in legislation

~ iwi claims for water ownership

~ the tax exemption that tribal businesses enjoy.

“Hobson’s Pledge” supports equality for all New Zealanders

The man who declared New Zealand one nation: William Hobson

Members of Hobson’s Pledge, a group that has grown fast since launch last September, believe now is the time to arrest a decline into irreversible separatism and will support any party that would vote against all laws, regulations and policies that provide for any entitlement based on ancestry or ethnicity.

They state that there is nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi that justifies racial preference under the law and in fact equal citizenship is the foundation stone of democracy. It is fair, reasonable and totally inclusive.

Whereas, race based privileges creates opportunities for corruption, resentment, and unrest.

In the Treaty, Britain gave equal citizenship to all people living in New Zealand

Supported by a network of national councillors, Hobson’s Pledge will be lobbying hard right up to the election raising awareness through marketing campaigns and support of political parties who also campaign on an equal class of citizen.

The free public meeting will be held at the Waikanae Community Centre, 28-32 Utauta St Waikanae, at 7pm, on Monday, April 3, 2017.