Waikanae Health Needs Highlighted

(From L.) — Sandra Forsyth, Kapiti and Waikanae Health Advocacy Groups, Adrian Gregory Consumer Consultant to
the CCDHB, Iride McCloy chair of the Waikanae Health Advocacy Group, and Dr Herman Van Kradenburg
of the Waikanae Health Centre.   (‘Ellenor Mayo and Margaret Stevenson Wright, two other committee members also attended).

The Kāpiti and Waikanae Health Advocacy Groups have met to discuss  ‘urgent and after-hours care’ in the district.

Iride McCloy, chair of the Waikanae Health Advocacy Group, says: ‘the audience was very vocal when it came to reducing the burden of travel for avoidable hospital care for Waikanae people.’

Gaps highlighted

Other main points highlighted were the gaps for mental health and addictions, and care for people with disabilities, she says.

And she adds: ‘Considering the short time-frame that WHAG had to present to Adrian Gregory on the needs of Waikanae residents it was
rewarding that so many people attended.’

Vital health statistics for the district
Adrian Gregory, Consumer Consultant to the Capital and Coast District Health Board, gave these statistics for urgent and after-hours needs:

  1. Total Kāpiti population 42, 976;n 27% are over 65.  For the 45-64 age group, the figure is 28%
  2. 17 Kāpiti residents attend and  Emergency Department (ED) each day (6,205 per year); 47% are aged over 65.
    3. Transport to hospital ED: 55% go by ambulance.
    4.  Admission rates: 55 %
    5. Monday is the busiest day for hospital visits, and the busiest hours are 10.00am to 11.00 pm.

Ms McCloy comments: ‘This is just the beginning for Waikanae residents having a voice on health care.’

The Advocacy Group’s next public meeting will be on Tuesday, 19th March, at  7pm at the Waikanae Support Hub. (Contact 04 2938890; or Sandra Forsyth on 021 024 765 95)

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