Waikanae Dog Attack Horror

Waikanae woman Patricia ‘Trundie’ Jordan had been permanently scarred by a savage dog attack which took place while she was walking in Pekapeka Road.

And ten months later she is still waiting for a court outcome.

Last November, Trundie had left a walking group to return to her car back towards Highway One. As she walked alone past a property with the gate open , she suddenly felt the impact of the dog, which had planted its teeth at the top of her thigh. The dog had appeared very suddenly.

When the dog let go she walked more than a kilometre to her car, then drove to the Waikanae medical centre. She says the doctor told her she was lucky the dog let go or it would have severed her tendons. Because of the danger of infection the doctor would not use stitches and could only clean the wound.

‘Drove on adrenaline’ to Police

After the treatment Trundie said she “drove on adrenaline” to the Paraparaumu police. After she knocked loudly a policewoman took a statement to be forwarded to dog control at the Kapiti District Council.

After the attack, Trundie  had to have new surgical dressings every day. She says the prescribed antibiotics were so strong they upset her stomach for some time.

Every since the attack Trundie has trouble sitting.

The dog concerned is a Catahula-Leopard Boxer cross , the “Lousiana hog dog” which is classified as a dangerous dog in New Zealand. The website Dogtime.com says the breed is  alert watchdogs and weary of strangers. It was bred to catch wild pigs and cattle.
Council staff impounded the dog but it was returned to the owner with a written warning that the animal must be under control and confined to the property.

The council note says the dog will be destroyed if there  is a second attack.

Under the Dog Control Act 1996 the dog owner is also required to pay 187.62 as compensation. Trundie says the owner agreed to pay the money after discussion with a dog control office but nothing had come through.

This week Trundie was in the Small Claims Tribunal with no appearance by the dog’s owner. The woman will now face a court order to pay the money she verbally agreed to months ago.

Now Trundie waits for the next step in the legal process.

Interesting how you have only published one side of a very narrow story ..
Trust me it’s not as clear cut as it may seem , you never truly know a story until both sides have been told and then the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle .

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