Waikanae A Go Go With Wharepaku At Station

The Kapiti Coast Council asks: “Worried that you can’t hold it from Waikanae to Wellington?” (Hold what, we ask? — Ed)

The new all-hours, all-weather toilets

The Council goes on: “Good news commuters, together with Greater Wellington Regional Counci, we’ve opened a new 24-hour wharepaku (toilet block) at Waikanae Railway station.

Councillor Jocelyn Prvanov says Council has been trying to get to the bottom of the station’s bathroom situation for some time.

So, she says, “it’s great to see the Regional and District Councils teaming up to solve a problem for both public transport users and the local community.”

Note: Apologies for the toilet jokes, but no-one, particularly politicians, can resist them — Editor)

Totally agree that councilors should not have voting rights at Community Boards.
Not sure what the value of community boards is really…maybe someone could enlighten me as to their purpose?

Be great to know that Cr Prvanov is working just as hard to secure similar much needed infrastructure at each of the beach access points in her Waikanae Ward as well. I note that Cr Prvanov voted in favour of spending almost $3m of our District’s rates on a Gateway project at Paraparaumu Beach. I must have missed her invitation to a meeting of her Ward constituents to hear her views (and to voice ours) on the proposal. I’m not aware that this even came up during last year’s local body elections, so how else would Cr Prvanov (or indeed any of our elected representatives) feel she had a mandate from her Ward constituents on the single biggest economic investment for our District?

It needs to be mentioned that Prvanov didn’t discuss the Gateway with the Waikanae Community Board members either. We only found out about her support for the unacceptable project when the public did. One of the many things that concerned me about Prvanov was her ignoring not only her constituents but other elected members. Her routinely taking stances on things that the other members disagreed with had the impact of implicating us in the eyes of the public as supporters of them too. This only strengthens my case that the Wards should only be for Community Boards and all councilors should be elected districtwide so they are accountable to the whole district for the things they vote on, not just a part of it. Councilors should have speaking rights at CB meetings but not voting rights.

“Prvanov says Council has been trying to get to the bottom of the station’s bathroom situation for some time”… well, the present Waikanae ward Councillor is not noted for having any sense of humour, so that quip was probably created by someone in the KCDC’s Department Pof ublic Enlightenment and Propaganda” (referred to by it as the “Communications Team.”)


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