Two Extra Political Meetings For Kapiti

Mayoral and Paraparaumu ward candidate Martin Halliday says there’ll be two extra ‘Meet the Candidates Meetings’ this week.

They are:

Today: 1st October, 7pm – 9pm    

VENUE: – Te Newhanga Kapiti Community Centre, 15a Ngahina Street. Paraparaumu

Thursday: 3rd October, 1.30pm – 3.30pm 

VENUE: – Te Newhanga Kapiti Community Centre 15a Ngahina Street. Paraparaumu

Mr Halliday says KEDA – the Kapiti Economic Development Agency — Kaptchup and Beach FM have agreed to host the meetings so the public can have more access to candidates. 

Apology for late notice

Apologizing for the late notice, Mr Halliday said he’d been told that now voting papers have been received, there was more interest in meeting candidates, but there were no further meetings planned.

‘So, I have facilitated these meetings to assist the community,’ he said.

The following groups of candidates are being invited

:- Community Board – Paraparaumu/Raumati

:- Ward – Paekakariki

:- Ward – Paraparaumu

:-  District Wide

:- Mayoral and :- Regional

‘Candidates are invited to speak for 3 minutes on why they are running for office” Mr Halliday says, ‘with the public able to ask questions as time allows.’ 

Mr Halliday also urges people to look up the KEDA web site for additional information on Candidates.

‘The KEDA Web site has a very robust set of questions that was sent out to candidates, with the Majority of candidates answering,’ he says.

‘Unlike a lot of other manifesto’s, KEDA had no restriction on length of answers, this has meant in depth answers from a wide range of the candidates standing on a wide range of topics.’

Well Chris, I don’t know about you, but I certainly made the most of the last few hours were the candidates care what we have to say.

When the candidates were asked on Monday evening what their plans were to represent their community in the future, it was very noble for many of them to claim that they would continue to be engaged after the elections. But we know the real story, we aren’t so dumb as to vote for empty promises.


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