Turver for GWRC

Chris Turver Standing Again for Wellington Regional Council

By Alan Tristram
May 17,2010

Chris Turver, the well-known local politician who failed to gain the Kapiti mayoralty in the last election, now wants his old job back on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The seat has been held for the past three years by Nigel Wilson, also a former mayoralty contender.

Ann  Chapman, the present deputy mayor, has already announced she will be standing for the Regional Council — so it looks like at least a three horse race.

Mr Turver says  during his time as regional councillor he crusaded for better road, rail and bus services in Kapiti.

A Te Horo resident, he held the regional council seat for nine years – and was  twice re-elected unopposed – but had to step aside when he stood for Mayor.

He says he has been under strong pressure to stand again for Mayor.

But he says the Regional Council role is critical in ensuring that Kapiti’s growth will continue to be matched by supportive “big ticket” regional services.

These include passenger transport, the upgrading of regional roading, water and environmental management, and flood protection.

Over his nine years on the GWRC, Mr Turver argued for the extension of rail and bus services within Kapiti — and he has  advocated for Transmission Gully and the Western Link Expressway.

He says double-tracking rail services through to Waikanae, increasing service frequency, and building new trains will make rail more attractive and give people better travel options.

The government’s green light for Transmission Gully and a four-lane Expressway from Levin to Wellington will mean substantially reduced congestion, safer roads, and faster access to essential services.

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