Trump’s Pure Evil Condemned — By His Own Words

Ralph McAllister says: ‘I began a keen interest in American politics through reading Theodore H White and his THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT series begun in 1960 and continued in 1964,1968 and 1972.

Bob Woodward

There was too the Arthur Schlesinger’s A THOUSAND DAYS,an account of Kennedy’s time in the White House.

Others followed.

Finally, Bob Woodward

And then and now there was and is Bob Woodward.

Arguably the greatest reporter of ages past and present, his books offer genuine records of United States  triumphs and disasters.

He and colleague and friend Carl Bernstein have done more for the integrity of accurate journalism than all the cheats and liars and spokesmen mustered by Fox News and other agencies put together.

I thought I knew it all, but I was wrong!

When I read ‘FEAR: Trump in the White House’ last year, I thought that was it.

I didn’t need to learn anything more about this President.

I felt almost tainted by reading of this man’s amorality.

How could he be who he was?

How could he lie thousands of times and survive?

How could he be so evil?

How could he preach racism, hatred, revisionist history…a list of evil doings which challenges any semblance of credulity?

Mary Trump offered truth and insight in abundance in her ‘TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH,’ her version of her uncle Donald.

Rage reveals Trump’s self condemnation

Others have tried to explain this personification of evil but now with RAGE we have the genuine version or versions, from the man himself, Trump.

Woodward recorded 17 interviews ,with Trump’s permission and they take up 20 percent of the book.

The appalling revelations

The revelations are astounding, appalling and quite possibly traitorous.

He knew!

He knew!

Trump knew the truth about Covid

As early as February of this year he knew how the virus was transmitted.

He misled the public then with his ‘magic’ solutions and remedies.

He continues even  today, as I write, saying that ‘we have turned the corner’ just as the number of deaths in US passes 200,000.

Turned the corner?

Try telling that to the bereaved.

How do you live with such deceit as  part of your conscience.

Trump does.

The megalomaniacal gene

His is present in almost all of the 400 pages of this brilliant piece of journalism.

Not a page goes by without another example of Trump’s self aggrandisement .

Woodward’s final conclusion is as obvious as it is chilling.

‘Trump is the wrong man for the job’

Read this masterpiece of journalism and perhaps ponder what Macduff says about Macbeth

In Act 4

‘Bleed, bleed, poor country

Great tyranny, lay thou thy basis sure

For goodness dare not check thee

In other words:

Enjoy everything you stole because your title is safe.

Or is it ?


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