Trump Warning — DJ Is Coming to Raumati

DJ Trump, allegedly the 45th President of the United States, is coming to Raumati Social Club on Thursday 3 September 2020.

Or, as Trump impersonator Alexander Sparrow modestly puts it, he’ll continue his record-breaking tour.

Sparrow is taking his show, DJ Trump, on the road – in a double bill with an hour of his stand-up comedy.

Hitting his strides after US publicity

Seen on TVNZ’s Breakfast and TV3’s The Project, he says he hit his stride when he was featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal.

This was closely followed by his selection as a World Top 10 Trump Impersonator by Laugh Factory, Hollywood. That saw him travel to perform in the US.

Sparrow twitters: “When I started booking my first Trump gigs, he wasn’t even the Republican candidate,” Sparrow says. “I dyed my hair and grew it out. That was one of the things that stood out in the US – I was the only one not using a wig.”

The times they are a’changin

But times have changed now. “After Trump won, the corporate gigs and TV appearances rolled in and I invested in a wig – and got my social life back,” he says.

He’s touring with director Katie Boyle.

In his Trumpian-style media release, Sparrow says he’s an ‘accomplished stand-up comedian, starting in 2011 and never looking back’.

He always wanted to be an actor, he says, and comedy came naturally. “I love how direct live comedy is.”

But what of the future?

President Trump’s odds at the 2020 election are constantly in question, he says – by everyone except himself.

“If Trump gets in,” he says,” I’ll keep booking those nationwide appearances at Christmas parties, the races, and functions.

“But right now, I’m treating this as the farewell tour. Get in while you can, these will be the last full shows.”

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