Trump Card 4: A Cartoonist’s Dream

Can’t believe their luck

By Roger Childs

New Yorker 18 April 2016

A year ago The New Yorker editor asked all the magazine’s cartoonists to do a Trump item.

The results were predictably hilarious and covered 16 different perspectives on the maverick presidential hopeful. (See below)

No one dreamed that the egotistical billionaire businessman, who many regarded as the joke candidate, would actually get to the White House.

Now that he is ensconced in the Oval Office, the world’s cartoonists are continuing to have a field day.

But let’s go back 12 months ….


New Yorker 18 April 2016

As we can’t reproduce all the cartoons here, words will have to suffice. (You’ll be able to visualise the scenes, however two are shown alongside.)

 ~ A couple is getting ready to go out. The husband is experimenting with a Trump hairdo. The wife exclaims What in the hell are you trying to do?

~ Game of bridge. Player calls One no-trump. Oh please God, no Trump!

~ Trump being sworn in as president. … and I will, to the best of my ability. Which is terrific ability, by the way. Everyone agrees, I have fantastic ability, So there is no problem with my ability, believe me …

~Two women having a drink. One says If Trump becomes President, I don’t care how high he builds that wall – I’m going over it!

The cartoonists delight continues

Credit Bill Leak

World-wide the caricature community continues to relish the opportunities provide by the president. The late Australian cartoonist Bill Leak produced some beauts before he passed away. (See alongside.)

The Americans daily produce superbly perceptive cartoons on appropriate topics. After Trump’s March

Credit Singe Wilkinson

announcements on scaling down emission regulations, Signe Wilkinson produced the classic below.

One of America’s hardest hitting cartoonists, and it’s a big field, is Darrin Bell of the Lexington Herald-Leader. He showed Trump’s hand and pen changing the Constitution. The ‘new version’ is shown below with the changes in red.

We the CUSTOMERS (People) of the United States in order to form a more perfect Business (Union), establish justice, insure domestic ORDER (Tranquility), provide for the common defence contractors, promote the general (Welfare crossed out) and secure the Blessings of PROFITS!! (Liberty) to MYSELF (ourselves) and my (our) Posterity, to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America, a division of TRUMP inc.

Article 1

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in JARED KUSHNER (Congress) of the United States which shall consist of JARED (Senate) and House of JARED & IVANKA (Representatives)

House of Representatives shall be composed of ……. MY FAMILY and STOOGES

(To view thousands of Trump cartoons, Just google any cartoonist and add “Trump cartoons”. Allow yourself several hours!)

The cartoons would be unequivocally hilarious if it wasn’t scary

Credit C Adams

Trump’s extraordinary behaviour as president and his reckless polices are great copy, but the realities are serious.

The recent aggressive approach towards the North Korea is a major worry. Kim Jong-un may just be madder than Donald Trump.

The stakes are very high as there are nuclear weapons involved.