Trump Card 2: The Health Care Fiasco

Massive blow for the administration

By John Smith and Roger Childs

Things definitely not looking great for the Trump team

The highlight of the weekend on the international stage was the Trump meltdown over the Ryancare/Trump bill to replace Obamacare.

It was a victory for Washington over Trump, and a clear demonstration of the lack of understanding that he and his team have of how things work in politics.

Imagine how LBJ would have handled it – “give me the numbers son!”

I watched some of Trump’s pathetic attempt to explain it – I had to leave it as it was making me sick – did anyone ask him at any point what could possibly have made him think that there was any reason for any Democrat to support it?

Limited comprehension of the realities of power

The founding fathers took great care to ensure that a president could not become a dictator

It is no great surprise, that his ban on immigration from specific Muslim states, and legislation to replace Obamacare have failed. Trump doesn’t fully understand

~ the American constitution

~ the separation of powers

~ the checks on presidential power.

The ghost author of Trump’s book Making the Deal mentioned in an article for the New Yorker, that Trump has a very short attention span. This is why tweeting is the president’s favourite means of communication.

A short term presidency?

John Dean testifying against his former boss Richard Nixon

I am looking forward to the bloodletting within the Republicans and the Trump team – they will try and keep it behind closed doors, but I am sure that it will all be leaked.

I now feel that there is a good chance that most of his legislative agenda can be stalled until he is not longer in office – for me it is looking more and more like a short-term presidency.

The Russia investigation is a bomb that could go off at any time – and when it does things could move quickly.

I watched an interview with John Dean who is not seeing it as Watergate 2, yet, but he thinks it could be heading that way.

He made the point the original crime in Watergate was quite minor – a botched burglary – whereas the original crime here could be treason.

I am wondering who is going to be the 2017 John Dean  – the person who decides to save their own skin by ratting on Trump and his lies.

Likely suspects

At this stage I think either or both former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, or Trump’s 2016 election campaign manager, Paul Manafort, are possibilities.

Paul Manafort: no great sympathy for Trump any more.

There are strong rumours currently circulating in Washington that Flynn may have cut a deal with the FBI over the probe into the Trump campaign team’s Russian links.

As regards Manafort, he has volunteered to testify at the House Intelligence Committee investigation into these connections and the Russian election hacking.

There are many more cards to be played!