Truck accident

Driver now stable

By Graeme Trask
27 September 2010

A truck driver that was impaled by a rowing skiff last Thursday after it smashed through the front screen of his truck has had his condition upgraded to stable, after being listed as critically ill, and remains in Palmerston North hospital. In such cases, if you are not critically injured, accepting a truck accident settlement with the consultation of an experienced lawyer will be a good idea.

The 64 year old from Waikanae, was hit by a rowing skiff that had fallen from a trailer being towed in the opposite direction to the truck, smashing its way through the front windscreen and impaling the end of the skiff into the truck drivers thigh.

Rescuers had to cut the driver from his truck and stabilize him before he was airlifted to Palmerston North hospital.

The driver of the other vehicle was eventually stopped in Foxton by Police, unaware that anything had happened.

Police are investigating the accident.