Its Winter Planting Time Again

23 June  2010

The cold days of winter are upon us and some tend to spend their spare time indoors to escape the cold days and evenings, but for the likes of environmental groups, it’s their busiest time of the year.

From the beginning of June through till the end of August, environmental groups around the Kapiti area are out planting thousands of trees each weekend that they have raised over previous months.

And this year will be no exception with groups planning their biggest seasons yet, this could be a record breaker.

Nga Uruora has more than 10,000 trees in their various nurseries and holding pens, while Raumati South Wetland Restoration Project has 16,000 plants.

The Queen Elizabeth Park’s group aim to plant 10,000 plants on 15 August to mark the 10 years of “Take Care” groups.

In Waikanae, Friends of the Waikanae river’s stalwart group of six are planning on planting 5,000 trees.

Stacy Glasson, Sustainable Communities Coordinator from the Kapiti Coast District Council asked all the environmental groups across the district to provide details of their planned plantings and working bees and as a result of this Kapiti residents are being given a chance to get involved.

Nga Uruora – Kapiti project have created a calendar of plantings and working bees throughout the district. CLICK HERE for more details.

Chriss Bull of the Raumati South Residents Association says, “At a time when climate change has captured public attention, this is a practical and enjoyable way for people to make a difference. We’re especially blessed to have a number of wetlands under restoration in our district – these are really special due to the fact that many native birds and fish live and breed in these increasingly rare habitats.”

Groups listed are spread from Ōtaki to Paekakariki and offer a range of opportunities for varying levels of fitness, age and the like.

But as Nga Uruora claim, “All the groups are friendly and will be pleased to see you, so just choose one and turn up – they’ll show you what to do.”


“Another wonderful turn out of people at the last planting day on 13th June – thank you,” says Chriss Bull.

And she says, “by the end of that planting session, a total of 7,000 plants have gone into the ground! (9,000 to go!). This had been the result of our two community plantings, plus the good work of the wonderful troopers who are helping as part of the Community Max employment scheme. Thanks again to the GWRC Team for their passion and people power.”

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