Top Pianist For Raumati South Concert

World-class pianist Michael Endres will perform at the Raumati South Memorial Hall on Sunday, March 10.
Michael, who has just returned to NZ after six years abroad in Oslo and other parts of Europe, has provided these notes about his programme:
1. Minuet in g minor by George F Handel (Transcription by Wilhelm Kempff)
The Kempff transcription of the Haendel Minuet is a deeply romantic and personal version
by  German pianist Wilhelm Kempff ( my favourite pianist ! ), and has nothing to do with
period performance or authentic style, its the opposite ! That’s why I like it.
2.  Schubert”s grand Sonata D major (“Gasteiner”)
This is a lesser performed work, but that has to do perhaps with the fact
that the last movement is one of those instances where the music disappears into triple pianissimo.The work is starting very orchestral and virtuosic, nearly frantic, and consequently the other three  movements all end quietly, though it is a work of extremes, very orchestral and symphonic in writing.
3. Etude no. 12 “Hymne l’amoure from Twelve Etudes (1985) 
 William Bolcom’s 12 New Etudes are a magnificent example that contemporary music can be enticing, spiritual and
very rewarding to play and listen to.
Bolcom’s 12th Etude “Chant a l’amour” is a highlight in of the cycle and a wonderful example of the freshness of American music.
4. Jeux d’eau  by Maurice Ravel
Maurice Ravel was once asked by George Gershwin whether he could have composition lessons,
but Ravel declined and commented: “ Stay a first-rate Gershwin instead of becoming a second rate Ravel !”
Both composers incorporated elements of Jazz into their works. “Jeux d’eau” is an earlier
piece by Ravel, that defined his unique style, the poised harmonies and the strict rhythmic pulse and the direct evocation
of the effects of water.
5. Four Song transcriptions by George Gershwin
 George Gershwin’s songs have been the stuff of legends and here are 4 from 3 different sources:
Somebody to watch over me” and “Looking for a boy”  are transcriptions from his own  unpublished versions, he treated his songs always in a dance style rather a cantabile
“Embraceable you” has been transcribed by pianist Earl Wild.It is an astonishingly beautiful version.
 “I got rhythm” is the short version written actually down by Gershwin.It just contains the main themes and in a bit more than a minute all is over ! But it ’s nevertheless very virtuosic and demanding.
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